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Gratings are assembled grids of parallel bearing bars with crossbars used to space and hold the bearing bar erect. The assembled grid is used to cover of floor any of various openings. Gratings provide a surface but allow air, light, heat, sound and water to pass through. It is strong and durable and maintenance-free.

Electro Forged Gratings are manufactured using Electro Forged machine with the flexibility and capacity of welding an extensive range of bearing bar of size from 25*3 mm up to 50*5 mm and crossbar size from 6 mm to 8 mm.



Standard Sizes

25x3, 25x5, 25x6, 30x5, 30x6 32x5, 40x5, 50x5mm Bearing Bars/Load Bearing Bars/Main Bars
The bars carry the load of the gratings and are usually:
30x3 mm 25 x 3 – light duty grates
25x5, 30x5 – medium duty grates
40x5, 50x5 – heavy duty grates

C/C or Mesh Size

This is determined according to the client’s use and load distribution demand

Cross Bars Mesh

50mm and 75mm
Flat bars are welded to bearing bars to keep the bearing bars spaced at a fixed distance.
Cross bars are usually :
6mm and 8mm – Sq Twisted Bar (Across the Diagonal)

Bearing Bars Mesh

25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 41mm and 50mm

Technical Terminologies

Parallel bars bearing loads between supports
Bars that are flushed at the end of the bearing bars and welded to the edges.
Distance between the centres of cross bars (C/c)
a) Round
b) Square-Twisted: Usually, square-twisted bars are used to provide an anti-skidding property. The Connecting Bars are welded for contact resistance of mild steel at different temperatures and different pressure. The contact resistance generally decreases with increasing temperature but has a local ridge around 3000C and it decreases almost proportionally with increasing pressure. The principal of resistance welding is the joules heating low where the heat Q is generated (Q=I2 Rt)
The clear space between bearing bars or cross bars
Overall measure of a metal grating in bearing bar direction. This size is called span even if it is less than the width. We can produce a maximum of 6m span gratings
Distance between the centres of bearing bars (C/c)
Overall measure of a metal grating in cross bar direction. This size is termed width even if it is greater than the length. We can produce maximum of 1.2m width gratings


Comparison of Electro forged Gratings over Handmade Gratings:

Handmade GratingsElectro Forged Gratings
Manual labour is requiredAutomatic welding process
Cross-bar/bearing bar are welded manually and therefore, the welding is non-homogeneousBearing bars are welded by electro-fusion process and the welding is homogeneous
Production time is moreProduction time is less
High labour costLabour cost is less
Work gets held up as there is no control over time because of breakage of dies or machines breaking or shortage of labour, which are inevitable in a makeshift arrangementTotal control over project schedule because of stock availability of gratings
Weight compared to Electro Forged Gratings moreWeight is less compared with Manual Gratings
Since bearing bars are punched to fit cross bars, strength gets reducedSince bearing bars are not punched, strength is more


The applications of Electro-Forged Gratings include:


Security Screens

Working Platform



Drain Covers

Mezzanine floor

Oil & Gas Rig Platform



Stair Tread

Gully Covers

Electro-forged Gratings are extensively used in various industries, including :


Power Plants

Steel Plants

Cement Plants

Petroleum Industries

Automobile Industries

Chemical Industries

Fertilizer Industries

Poultry Industries

Ship Building

Construction Sites

Sugar Mills

Oil Mills

Port Trusts

Coal Mines


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