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Cable Trays are mainly used for cable management. When there is a need for new wiring, professionals also prefer to use a cable tray instead of pulling the wires through a pipe. A cable makes the entire rewiring process easy and manageable. Our cable trays can be used for Electrical Conduit systems as well as for supporting insulated electric cables.

We are a leader in designing and manufacturing cable trays that provide optimum support. Our products are industry verified, and our cable trays come with cable support systems, which will not give away under any weight. We use methods like Hot Dip Galvanizing, to increase the tenacity of the Cable Trays. We also manufacture other cable accessories like Elbows, Bends, Cross, Risers and Tees.

  • Ladder-type cable trays
  • Raceways ducts
  • Perforated cable trays
  • Bolted cable tray
  • FRP cable tray
  • Galvanised ladder type cable tray

Various designs and finishes

Our robust cable trays come in various shapes and sizes. You will also find several options when it comes to finishes.

  • Powder coated
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Painted
  • Pre galvanised

We recommend powder coated, painted, and pre galvanized finishes to be used indoors. When it comes to hot dip galvanized finish, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of cable trays

There are several advantages of using Cable Trays. Below we discuss some of them:

Cost savings

The wiring needs to be repaired or replaced after every few years. Rewiring is time-consuming and also requires quite a bit of effort to pull all the wires through the pipe. But Cable Trays allows you to wrap up the whole process much quicker. So it saves both you both the time and money.


Cable Trays are made from grade A steels. They are incredibly durable and robust and will last for years. Since we use processes like hot dip galvanizing to create the Cable Trays, they are anti-corrosive. Their anti-corrosion feature makes them highly popular.

Various options

We know customers like having options, which is why we provide several types of Cable Trays with various finishes. All of them have been made using industry verified materials.

Maintenance savings

Cable Trays do not require much maintenance. Due to their anti-corrosion feature, they do not need frequently changing either.

Easier cable management

Cables can get all tangled and create a mess; adding a pipe does not really help the matter either. Cable Trays are specifically built to help with cable management.

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