About the Product

At Pinax Steel Industries, we are looking forward to being more sustainable with every passing day. There is no way that we can depend on non-renewable energy for the rest of our lives, not just because of their scarcity but also for the pollution they cause. Climate change is looming over us like the next global crisis, and we must together rise to the occasion.

That is why you need to switch to sustainable energy.What can be a better sustainable energy than the sun up above? Now you can mount solar panels on the rooftop of your house or any industrial building to access the unlimited power of solar energy.



Solar Panel Mounting Structure Manufacturer are also one of the fields that we specialize in. We are here to provide you with the Best Solar Mounting System in India. We provide both ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar panels Mounting Structure – so you can choose the one that best fits your requirement. We work on panels of lower wattage for domestic and residential purposes, as well as on higher wattage for commercial and industrial buildings. When it comes to the Solar Mounting Structure manufacturing technology of our website, we offer the best. We have used the best German, Japanese, and Swiss technology in our world-class Solar Mounting System Manufacturing and only the most premium quality stainless-steel. We have paved the way for superiority when it comes to providing infrastructure in the clean energy sector.

Why Choose Our Solar Mount?

You will surely not invest your money on anything until you know what benefits and features you are getting in return, same goes for Solar Mounts. With our efficient solar mounts, you get some of the best benefits, some of which are –


When it is about switching to sustainable energy, one of the many things you will worry about reliability. But, if you choose our solar mounts, you do not have to worry about its reliability. They are incredibly reliable and have greater longevity.

Total Savings

You are surely going to save a lot of money when you are switching to our Solar Mounts.

Brilliant Performance

Our Solar Mount is sure to provide you with remarkable performance. We only have in store some of the high efficiency and world-class modules. We even provide you with a long-term warranty period for all our Solar Mounts.

User Friendly

The solar panels of our company are effortless to install. You just need to understand the instructions and rest you can manage yourself. They are also straightforward to maintain. Our bond with our client does not end after selling the product, but we provide them with excellent after-sales services.

Customized Mounting Service

At Pinax, we don't believe in "one size fits all". Experts in solar mounting, our engineers will design the most appropriate product based on your requirements.

We are here at Pinax Steel Industries to provide you with a comfortable yet efficient solar mounting solution. Our team will not only help you get the right solar mount for you, but they will help you install it.

You can call us to enquire about your solar mount, and our team will provide you with excellent customer care service. Call us right away to get the best and budget-friendly solar mounts and services related to it.

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