PEBs: A Commercially Viable Solution For Your Projects

Pre-engineered buildings are being considered as the new-age solution for the development of buildings. Engineering experts and industrialists have long identified that this modern construction aspect can be mobilized upon for the building sturdy projects. The pre-engineered buildings market is projected to grow from USD 14.5 billion in 2019 to reach USD 25.0 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 11.5%. 


A smart solution:

Globally recognized as an alternative to the conventional construction mediums like concrete and wood. For the erection of modular buildings and new projects, PEBs are recommended as the right choice. Why? 

The pre-engineered property makes it a smart solution. It helps in resolving the problem of time, both in terms of construction as well as delivery.


A quick solution, due to the prefabricated property of the steel structurals they are manufactured in advance while the components are jolted on-site. 

  • Manufacturing the components: Pre-engineered building components are manufactured separately. The production process of steel PEBs includes a long list of steps like cutting, bending, welding, coating etc. The segregated parts can include floors, frames for the wall and parts of the roof. Manufactured and prefabricated in the factory the components once ready are transported to the site. 


  • Assembling the components: The output is ready and all it needs now is to be joined together. This is done on-site. Post transportation, the structurals are jolted together to erect the building. Thus, a much quicker process, unlike reinforced concrete where the manufacturing also takes place on-site during the construction period. 


The right investment 

When compared to the traditional raw materials one can yield a greater benefit and return when availing of PEB services. 


PEBs cater to a greater number of projects when compared to RCCs. They have been mobilized by builders and engineers for a diverse range of construction. They cater to infrastructure like industrial sheds, warehouses solar projects even airports. Hence, no matter what the kind of establishment it is, PEB services can be mobilized for all of it. Investing right allows you to procure the right benefits.

Why a good investment?

The advantages you procure out of PEBs is endless. Thus investment towards multiple ranges of projects, unlike concretized buildings where the advantages are much lesser and limited in number. When an analysis was done using a comparative study keeping aspects like property, flexibility, budget and quality, PEBs attained a greater score over other raw materials.  


The monetary value you can avail of PEBs is like no other. The value prefabricated buildings deliver in terms of quality is extremely high. When using steel, it ensures that the erected building does not get damaged or corroded with time. An investment in a building that promises endurance, versatility and much higher durability. Lesser chances of damage mean a longer lifespan. Greater longevity also assures lesser renovation costs and lower renovation costs means greater savings. Thus, allowing you to reap a much greater monetary value. The lesser expenses incurred, the greater the gain.


Attaining a commercial value with Pinax PEBs:

Your one-stop solution for all your infrastructure needs. We aim to not just increase its list of happy clients but to also provide quality services. Our PEBs have been used for a diverse range of projects including industrial sheds, warehouses, crash barriers etc. Committed to ensuring that our customers procure quality construction for their projects. Contact us today to know more about our range of products and services