Pre-engineered Building, The Ideal Choice For Restaurants

People go to restaurants that offer delicious food but they only revisit and become loyal customers when the ambience and the vibe of the place suits them. While constructing a restaurant, it is of utmost importance for the architects to ponder upon the utilisation of space. Unlike conventional methods, pre-engineered metal designs enable large column-free enclosures to be created owing to steel’s higher strength to weight ratio. This gives wider space which can be used more efficiently for sitting or designing and decorating purposes. 


Starting up a restaurant can be scary as the sales depend on so many factors, but the cost of setting it up can be reduced with a prefabricated steel building. In pre-engineered metal construction, structural assemblies work together to add to a more economic system where each part is designed to fit exactly into buildings. This quickens the process of setting up the framework. 


The pre-engineered building edge


  1. Easy to update: As your restaurant grows, you can change your layout without worrying about moving load-bearing columns or support columns. If you want to add a private dining room or redesign your kitchen, the pre-engineered building design allows for customization in both present and future. You can even reverse your decision later on if the need be.

  2. Building cost: The cost of steel buildings for restaurants are significantly less as compared to lumber or brick and don’t require much in maintenance costs as well.

  3. Fast construction: As the prefabricated building’s frame is built in the factory where all the materials and tools are already present and minimal transport of labour and machinery is required, the pace of setting up the frame is much quicker than traditional concrete structures.

  4. Eco-friendly: Steel, the prime constituent in the pre-engineered building, is highly sustainable and can be easily recycled. In addition to this, the customisation of the steel members creates room for insulation benefits. This significantly reduces the energy used to heat or cool your restaurant.

  5. Maintenance-free: In choosing the metal building for your restaurant, you’d never have to worry about termites, sagging or warping that comes from other materials. Hence, saving you the trouble of unnecessary expenses. 


Safety and Security

Restaurants are prone to fire damage and one mistake from anyone can spark the whole setup to fall down. This is when you’d want your structure to have better fire resistance. Fire resistance of a structure is expressed in the length of time the structure can remain structurally sound in a fire and the period depends on the type of building, its occupancy and the size of the steel members. Thus, it may be more economical especially for restaurants to use slightly heavier structural steel members to achieve a longer fire resistance period. 


Pre-engineered steel buildings can withstand earthquakes better than the RCC type as when the weight of a building is reduced then the force caused by the earthquake will also be reduced. And steel is lighter and ductile. Hence, it can take up to 18 times more deformation than concrete. One can never plan for a 100% seismic-proof design. But with PEBs, there is no need to design for it as it is covered in a better way. This offers security under harsh circumstances which are unpredictable and quite unforeseen. 




Considering the prefabricated steel building for any kind of structure be it airport hangars, warehouses, commercial complexes or residential houses is now a viable choice but for a restaurant, it’s the perfect match. The challenges for structures at restaurants can be demanding and a pre-engineered building is an ideal choice to meet those challenges head-on. They don’t just reduce your costs and offer more room for utility and innovation but also ensure safety and security.


Custom buildings from Pinax can be fabricated to any size, shape, height or style, as long as the design meets the specifications of the customer’s wishes. Pinax has your customised restaurant project covered whether it is ethnic, fast food, casual/premium dining or a brasserie or bistro. With the best architectural design and material quality, we provide in-house designing and manufacturing of pre-engineered steel buildings and are one of the leading and most advanced manufacturers in the steel industry.