5 Basic Components of PEB Manufacturers

Pinax Group a PEB  manufacturers is among the notable pre engineered building manufacturers in India. The company has earned a unique position in the market because of their committed efforts to provide premium services to their clients whilst maintaining their professional integrity. Pre-engineered Buildings, or popularly known as PEB’s,  are a sneak peak into the future. These structures are factory-built buildings of steel that are shipped, assembled and then bolted on location. This style of construction is more affordable and relatively less time consuming. They can even be dismantled and relocated which makes them perfectly suited to the construction of industrial buildings and warehouses.

For the past two decades, PEB’s have been constantly improved on and technologically enhanced which has led to establish a  a complete building envelope system we are proud of. It is personalized, airtight, energy efficient, weight optimized and affordable. These structures are the norm of tomorrow.

Pre engineered building suppliers  like Pinax a PEB  manufacturers split the components into Primary Built-up Members and Secondary Members. Broadly classified into seven main components: framing members, columns and rafters, roof purlins, eave struts, wall girts and roofing sheets. Each of these components play a key role is the construction of the whole structure.

Primary Built-up Members

The framework to these structures is built using basic components or Primary Built-up Members. They consist of Built-up “I” Shaped Primary Structural Framing Members, Columns, and Rafters. These are shaped from high strength grade plates, and cut to shape and size as per the specific requirements of the clients. As expert PEB  Manufacturers , Pinax assures any geometric frame is possible for this structure. Designing unsymmetrical framing systems about the ridge line and multiple framing systems with unequal width are both possible, but require extensive periods of engineering and thereby longer delivery periods.  These components are designed to ensure compatibility.

Pinax PEB  manufacturers these components under strict quality control norms as per their shop drawings. They also provide functional sub-systems such as mezzanine floors, crane runway beams, roof platforms, catwalks and much more. These components can be shipped and assembled at site.

Secondary Members

The PEB’s consist of various steel-structural-members such as base angles cold-formed “Z” and “C” shaped secondary structural members. These Cold Roll formed light gauges are made as per the relevant design requirements. These structures are composed of the secondary members: roof purlins, eave struts, and wall girts. They’re all different forms of Z-purlins, C-purlins and Hollow Sections.


Cold-formed Roof Purlins

These are secured to the top flanges by cleats that are module to the rafters and the purlin web bolted to the cleats. The purlin ends are overlapped to serve as continuous beams.

Hot-formed Roof Purlins

These are secured to the top flanges by cleats module  to the rafters and the purlin web bolted to the cleats and flushed with webs to create a stronger structure.

C- Purlin

Cold-formed Wall Girts

The dimensions are chosen as per requirement while the fixation can be done in one of two ways:

  1. The girts are secured to the outer flange of the sidewall column using cleats module to the column and the first web bolted to the cleats. Overlapping connections ensure continuous beams.
  2. End Wall Girts and Flushed Girts on side walls are flushed to the outer lip of the columns by cleats bolted to the column web and the girt web bolted to the cleats
Hot-formed Wall Girts

The girts are attached to the outer overhang of the side wall column by cleats module  to the side column and the girt horizontally bottom-bolted to the cleats. End wall girts and flushed girts are fastened to the outer flange by cleats which are bolted to the column web. The girts are also horizontally bolted to the bottom of the cleats.

Hollow Section

Cold-formed Eave Struts

Composed of both C and Z sections, the struts are fixed to the top flanges of the rafters by cleats module to the rafters, while the strut web is bolted to the cleats. The overlapping Strut ends serve as continuous beams.

Hot-formed Eave Struts

Set to the top flanges of the rafters using cleats module to the same, and the struts web bolted to the cleats. Just as the cold formed ones, the overlapping ends serve as a continuous beam.

Roofing Sheet

Color Coated Galvalume Sheets

Roofing sheets made of metal are used for this purpose. These have to be self-drilled using fasteners. The same strategy is applied for roofs as low as 1:20 and is applied as internal lines for double skin roofs and wall constructions without insulation. Traditionally trapezoidal in shape, they can be curved for aesthetic appeal.

Wrapping Up

Pinax, is a well known pre engineered building suppliers, & PEB manufacturers  provides an array of accessories alongside. These additions can be of vital importance to certain sectors, and are just as durable and efficient as the PEB  as a whole.  The likes of these additions are turbo ventilators, louvers, facias, roof monitors, and etcetera. These tools have specific applications, which can be essential to certain Organizations.

At Pinax, the components of these PEBs, are all contributors to the strength, sustainability, and significance of these structures. They are carefully designed, manufactured and assembled to ensure the most premium quality pre engineered buildings.


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