5 Common Mistakes that Might Drive Up the Price of Pre-engineered Buildings

When it comes to durability and cost-effectiveness, pre-engineered buildings are the ideal choice for commercial purposes. The use of heavy steel rods makes the overall structures of conventional buildings heavier, but PEBs incorporate efficient and well-thought use of steel which makes them 30% lighter than conventional buildings. 


What makes PEBs cost-effective? 

Conventional buildings take around 20-26 weeks to complete, whereas the process of PEB construction is faster as it takes on an average of 6-8 weeks. 

Tremendous insulation properties in PEBs help them beat heat and cold. Pre-engineered steel buildings neither decay nor decompose readily. Thus, PEBs need less maintenance and help you save throughout the year and even in the long run. 

PEBs have fire-resistance capability. Many business owners don’t realise that this fire resistive factor can save them immense costs on inventory and insurance premiums during the life of pre-engineered buildings.


What should you keep in mind while planning PEBs? 

As a customer, you should understand the value of PEBs in terms of safety and environmental factors. 

You need to check thorough background information before assembling a PEB steel building since any faults can reduce the PEB building’s durability, which can later be expensive. 

You need to rely on a professional PEB company or the best PEB manufacturer in India to avoid such mistakes. 

Let us check the top 5 mistakes that can ruin pre-engineered buildings.


1> Selecting incorrect PEB structure

It’s difficult to get the right dimensions for pre-engineered buildings. The structure needs alterations to serve its purpose. You also have to keep in mind your changeable future needs. Today, if a well-experienced PEB company can build the PEB structure with utmost caution and due diligence, you won’t have to worry about redesigning the same in the future. After all, why should you waste your time, energy and money once again?

There are different types of PEB structures. Primary Built-up Members are shaped from high-strength grade plates and cut to shape and size as per the specific requirements of the clients. As an expert PEB Manufacturer, Pinax assures any geometric frame is possible for this structure. Designing unsymmetrical framing systems about the ridge line and multiple framing systems with unequal width are both possible but require extensive periods of engineering and thereby longer delivery periods.  These components are designed to ensure compatibility.

Pinax PEBs also provide functional sub-systems such as mezzanine floors, crane runway beams, and roof platforms. 


2> Insufficient site preparation

A PEB structure should be built on a solid foundation. It would be best to leave some space around the building so that you can save money in the future. PEB structures would be perfect, especially for buildings in hot climatic conditions, such as in states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. PEB structure also protects sounds in noisy environments. 

A professional PEB manufacturer in India can understand your requirements to install the best-in-class PEB structure.


3> Roughly defined dimensions for your building

Overestimating or underestimating the amount of area a steel building requires is another common mistake that can drive up the cost of the structure. Is there enough natural light? How many cars are you planning to store? You need to ask yourself before you are prepared to install the PEB structure. Rely on a professional PEB company to get adequate information for a sound decision.

Before installing PEB structures, you need to think about the future expansion of your business. Have you planned for scaling up your business or going for business diversification in the future? There must be some separate spaces for the new units or divisions. PEBs are ideal for manufacturing units, factories, or warehouses. 


4> The lack of care and planning

The lack of care and proper planning is responsible for increasing the price of pre-engineered buildings. Well-thought-out and methodical instructions will help you set up the building securely. Choose a company with a portfolio that matches your PEB construction requirements. Experienced PEB manufacturers in India would be able to create a plan that suits your budget and serves your purpose. Transportation, shipping, and manufacturing units have larger spaces and a bigger budget, whereas FMCG and consumer durable companies need to allocate their budget and spaces wisely for PEB structures. 


5> Misunderstanding regarding your PEB

The lack of clarity in communications is the root cause of issues throughout any PEB construction. You need to communicate your vision and aspirations to our professionals, including information on dimensions, measurements, and doors and windows. 

While installing PEB structures, you need to specify the exact height of the warehouse. You have to also mention whether the location gets direct sunlight or not, etc. Make sure that the space is completely pollution-free. 

Assembling the PEB structure needs appropriate knowledge and planning to avoid common mistakes. Hire the best PEB company in India to get it done safely.