5 Reasons Why Steel Is An Ideal Choice For Aircraft Hangars

A hangar is an enclosed space, dedicated to position aircraft and spacecraft within. Aircraft hangars are usually built out of metal, concrete or wood. Aircraft are positioned within the hangars to store, allow operators to inspect and work on the airplane. Additionally, an aircraft, if kept in the open, would be prone to damage. and hangars ensure protection. According to manufacturers of aircraft hangars, prefabricated steel is considered the best choice for installations across the world. There are several reasons for this.

Customizable: The steel body is flexible in nature. This allows you to wind and twist it in accordance with what structure you want to create. Aircraft are of a variety of types and sizes. Can one hangar fit for all? A hangar made out of steel, if required, can be tailored if the aircraft requirements change over time. Hangars at the airport have folded doors like bi-folds and hydraulics. This is possible only when steel is used. Materials like concrete and wood lack such versatility due to their rigid nature.

 Pic1 – Aircraft Hangars

Low Maintenance: Steel hangars usually do not demand early replacements or renovations. This, furthermore, reduces the maintenance costs as well. Steel provides increased longevity to the hangar body. When compared to concrete or wooden structures, the maintenance in a steel structure is much lower.

Tougher: Hangars are tougher in nature when constructed out of steel. In case any environmental hazards occur, steel hangars provide endurance in such a manner that the aircraft remain protected. The infrastructure can withstand knocks, huge bumps, scratches, extreme rain and weather conditions. While concrete structures can have a run-down, wooden ones can easily be dilapidated in heavy rain and storm.

Fire Resistant: The non-combustible nature of steel, prevents the hangars from catching fire whilst protecting the aircraft. The volatile fuel present in the aircraft can cause a risk of fire and in order to stop the same, steel is an ideal prototype for construction. Metals like steel also make the installation of suppression systems much more convenient.

Fire Resistance

Pic2- Fire Resistant

Time-Saving: Orchestration of the construction parts is much quicker when developing steel hangars. Metal aircraft hangar manufacturers assemble all the components at the time of production itself. This reduces both time as well as labor costs onsite because the maximum amount of work is completed within the factories.

The aircraft hangar market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 3% by 2024. While you think of investing in the same, it is imperative that you are informed of all the right reasons.

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