A Breakthrough Innovation in the Construction Industry

“Prefabrication isn’t new. The first use dates back to the 1800s. Almost 50 years later, two of Sweden’s most recognizable brands teamed up to create prefabricated BoKlok houses for the Scandinavian market. While affordable, many thought the houses lacked aesthetic appeal.”

The construction and building technology industry is a major force in the global economy and a key source of production and employment. The construction and building technology industry has identified significant trends that promises growth and development. The following trends are expected to not only promote healthy growth but also reshape the face of the construction industry.

Rapid Urbanization is bringing a consistent high paced growth on real estate assets by funding particularly on multifamily housing and warehouses.

“Green” building activity is increasing in response to changing customer preferences, tighter regulatory standards, and greater focus on occupant health

Building Automation has gone rampant and the demand for greater technology, higher safety and connectivity have doubled. Upgraded technology with robotics and digital constructive tools are the hottest requirement at present.

The construction sector has made slow progress when it comes to being flexible, agile, and adaptive. That being said, we are now experiencing a paradigm shift which means that traditional businesses and organizations will have to embrace the latest trends and innovations to stay relative in a constantly evolving market.


Growth of Pre-engineered Building Manufacturers in India

The main rise of PEB units have increased at a tremendous rate in the last 2 decades. In the olden days PEB units were serving in construction of warehouses or structures with no complexities however now the scene looks far different as PEB has been one of the most necessary material for constructing complicated structures like airports, power plants, metro stations, etc and in the near future PEB will be the main raw material used in all the concerned sectors.

This modern construction methodology is wiping off the conventional form of construction from the market. The super fast growth in economy have led customers to accept this steel-based solution for the fast-development process.


Pre-Engineered Buildings: An eco-friendly construction

PEB has been flexible enough to design and develop as per the exact requirement with almost 0 wastages. It offers a sustainable approach for the construction of buildings which are energy savings. unlike others, these construction sites are environment-friendly, cost-effective, and modern in style. The rooftop of these buildings are mounted with skylights and solar panels to absorb the sunlight, stored for later use as a power source. Steel itself has various benefits over other materials used in construction. It’s impeccable strength, corrosion resistant properties and affordability make it a suitable option for the construction of pre-engineered buildings.

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