An Ultimate Guide To Solar Panel Mounts in 2022

Solar installations have grown at an impressive rate around the world. India’s Solar Energy Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period (2022 – 2027). With 100GW of solar targets to be achieved by 2022, India is on its way to becoming the world’s largest solar nation.

Global demand for solar solutions has risen rapidly due to continuing reductions in the cost of solar systems compared to higher grid rates. Solar is undeniably the future and one of the leading renewable energy sources. 

In this post, we’ll present an expert evaluation of solar panel mounting options, and highlight the top solar mounting structure manufacturers in India. 


Definition of solar panel mounting and racking


Mounts and racks for solar panels are pieces of equipment that keep solar panels in place.


Mounting allows the panels to be tilted for maximum solar energy generation, which can depend on latitude, seasons, or even the time of day. The most popular mounting places are on the roof, where solar roof mounts are used, or on the ground.


The cost will be determined by the type of racking employed, the chosen solar mounting structure manufacturer in India, and installation labour charges.


A solar panel mounting bracket is the most frequent method of module attachment. Heavy-duty mounting brackets are often composed of stainless steel or aluminium.


2 Popular Types of Solar Mounting Structures


  • Roof-Mounted Racks


Racks installed on the roof maintain a minimum wire run distance between the solar array, the bank battery, or inverter, but they require roof penetrations and risk leaks, so they must be tightly sealed.

For roof-mounted systems, you must ensure that no trees or other structures block the airflow path through the solar panels. Solar panels mounted on the roof are the best option for your home or business when you have enough space. Additionally, they can be fixed or adjustable, and they can be used in conjunction with solar trackers.


  • Ground Mounts

As you might guess, ground mounts are typically used to mount solar panels on the ground anywhere on your property. Ground-mounted structures are usually adjustable so they can be tilted up and down at various times during the day to take advantage of maximum solar absorption. Ground-mounted structures run the risk of being vandalized and accumulating dirt, leaves and snow at the bottom. Thus, ground-mounted racks should only be used in secure locations in clean, stable environments (without much snow or dirt on the ground).


What are the most crucial parts of a racking system?

The three major components that the prominent solar mounting structure manufacturers in India include in racking equipment are:

  • Roof attachments
  • Module clamps
  • Mounting rails


Each tool produced by Solar mounting structure manufacturers in India plays an important role in how your panels are supported by the framework, ensuring that you get the maximum solar power out of them.


Advantages of Roof Top Solar Panels


  • They offer cost savings

The biggest benefit of installing rooftop solar panels is that they are cost-effective. Rooftop solar tariffs are 17% and 27% more cost-effective than industrial and commercial solar tariffs, respectively. Rooftop solar panels have reached grid parity in several Indian residential areas. Solar panels on the roof can even help building owners save money on their energy bills.


  • It’s a safe investment

Electricity prices fluctuate from time to time. As a result, determining the cost of electricity over a specific period is difficult. However, when it comes to electricity generated by solar rooftops, the cost of electricity generated may be easily calculated. It is a safe investment to purchase solar panels from the top-notch solar mounting structure manufacturers in India.


  • It boasts access to energy

Even though India’s power deficit is rapidly diminishing, many people in rural and urban areas still have limited and unreliable electricity access.


Which is the best brand for roof mount?

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