Components Involved in Making Your PEB Buildings Stronger

Pre-engineered buildings have many components that give them their distinct characteristics and make them strong and durable. Pre-Engineered Buildings are widely recognised for their adaptability, structural strength, and ease of building. However, all of this is made possible by the numerous components that go into constructing these robust superstructures. PEBs, like any other completed construction, are made up of components that are typically divided into three primary categories and a few accessories.


1. Primary Components

Primary components of PEBs consist of




Main Frame

The Main Frame generally consists of the Rigid steel frames of a building. The PEB frames also include tapered columns and rafters and additionally Flanges get connected to webs through the continuous fillet weld of a given side.


Rafters are a series of sloped structural beams extending from one point of the ridge to the other point of hip and up till the wall-plate. Downslope perimeter or eave are designed to give a solid support to the roof deck and the other extended loads associated with it.


Transfering the vertical load to the foundation is basically the main purpose of columns. Additionally columns are made out of I sections which are much cheaper than the conventional ones.


2. Secondary Component

Purlins, Grits and Eave struts are secondary structural members which provide support to walls and to the roof panels.

A. Purlins and Girts

Purlins are formed to be used on the Roofs and grits are utilzed on the walls whereas the Eave Struts are manufactured to cater at the intersection of roofs and sidewalls.Purlins and girts are cold-formed “Z” sections with stiffened flanges.

B. Bracings

Bracings are the primary members which gives stability to the buildings against forces of nature like winds and earthquakes in the directions of the longitutes. Diagonal bracing can also be used on the roof and side walls.


3. Sheeting or Cladding

In simple terms, sheeting refers to the steel covering or layering on the PEB exterior wall structures. Two types of metal sheets are used in the construction of PEBs, they are:

Galvalume coated steel conforming to ASTM A 792 M grade 345B or aluminum conforming to ASTM B 209M which is cold-rolled steel and high tensile 550 MPA yield stress along with metal layering of Galvalume Sheets.


4. Accessories

Accessories include all the Turbo Vents, Skylights, Door & Window structures, Fasteners, Louvers and all similar category accessories comprising the main materials of the accessories segment. As all the non-structural and main body parts do not fall in the category of accessories.


Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Building

1. Reduced construction time and Lower Cost of transportation

Using PEB structures reduces the entire time required by almost 50%. These structures are also easy to transport which automatically reduces the transportation cost as well.

2. Flexibility of Expansion

Buildings can be easily expanded in length due to its plug and play feature. One can easily increase the height, weight or expand the structure just by adding additional bays and it also allows future expansions.

3. Quality Control

Since the manufacturing takes place in controlled conditions within the factory stringent quality checks are possible.

4. Architectural Versatility & Energy-Efficient Roofing

The buildings are prepared to be supplied with fascias, canopies and curved eaves of various variants and are designed to take in precast concrete wall panels, curtains and different types of walls. Additionally the buildings can also be supplied with high-quality paint systems for cladding and steel to suit ambient conditions at the site, which results in long durability and low maintenance costs.

5. Single Source Availability

One of the biggest advantages of using PEBs is its single source availability. Since PEBs are complete building packages coming from a single vendor, compatibility of all the various components are 100% confirmed.

A well-calculated combination of various small and large parts constitutes the PEBs’ strength, durability, and flexibility. Pinax has pioneered manufactoring some of the best PEB structures in the country. For more information on how to optimise the design of your PEB structure, get in touch with Pinax Steel, a leading PEB manufacturer and supplier in Bihar and Jharkhand.