Cost or Quality? What is the prime factor?

Steel structures have been popular for both commercial and residential buildings due to their numerous advantages such as quick construction, simple manufacturing process, recyclability, cost-effectiveness, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and easy accessibility. Steel frames are no longer restricted to warehouses, hospitals, garages, and factories but are also extensively used in the construction of residential buildings.

When looking for steel constructions, you should priorities quality over price. If the quality is higher, the rates you will pay will be justified. It is important to find the best steel structure since the investment will be substantial.


How to Judge the Quality of Steel Structure

The grade of the steel framework varies widely, and so does the price. Many buyers are unaware of how to determine the quality of steel frame materials. Why is there such a massive price difference, and what is conveyed by it? The price of a steel building is primarily determined by three factors: the cost of steel, the profit of materials, and the profit of processing. The price is relatively hefty given the high-quality steel construction, rigorous and intricate production, and fine artistry. 


As for how to judge the quality of steel structure, what is its standard?

The finishing effect of the wall after the entire installation is directly influenced by the quality of the steel. The following aspects should therefore be considered when reviewing the appearance quality of steel structures:

  1. There should be no visible bruise marks on the steel structure’s outer surface, ie., it should be free from scratches, scars and dents.
  1. Neither the surface components nor the steel structure building should have pronounced colour differences.
  1. The structure’s surface should be clean and free from debris, plants, oil stains, and other stains, and the joint should be free of spilt adhesive and oil stains.
  1. It is important to ensure that the adjacent connection positions of the steel structure are flat, and that the interior is flat and non-inclined.
  1. The sealing effect must be assured regardless of whether the sealant applied in the steel structure is consistent, lubricated, or leak-free. The usage of sealant strips is determined by the strip’s anti-ageing and binding properties.


Here’s how you should choose your steel structures



When considering a steel structure, ensure that your manufacturer is knowledgeable about compliance, as the building’s construction must meet government standards.


Plan carefully

Before hiring a pre-engineered building manufacturer, you must be acquainted with the essential aspects of constructing a steel structure. To avoid problems, supply them with as many details as possible. Such as:

  • Roof pitch requirements
  • Your budget and expectations
  • Single-story or multi-story building
  • Purpose and dimensions of the building
  • An exact number of openings for doors and windows

Planning the project ahead of time ensures that your project is as cost-effective as possible. Furthermore, when materials are optimised and purchased in accordance with the project plan, the cost is considerably reduced.


Finalise the location

Make sure you decide on the location of the steel building before hiring a construction company, as the manufacturer will need to know the exact location for compliance purposes. It is therefore important to determine your building location before hiring a manufacturer.

To summarise, keep all of the above factors in mind. This will allow you to develop a strong structure with the assistance of the best pre-engineered building manufacturer in India at a reasonable cost.

The quality of the steel prefabricated structure itself reflects the superiority of the materials used, but the most significant aspect is to hire an experienced steel structure manufacturer. No matter how premium the steel is, it is impossible to assure the robustness of the steel structure if there is a mistake in the fabrication.  Manufacturers determine the right steel based on your project specifications, the fabricating equipment is more precision-oriented, and the processing quality is automatically good. An outstanding grade steel structure building will have a longer service life and will not require regular upkeep. 

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