Dos and don’ts for your industrial shed

Plan – check, investment – check, targets – check, industry shed – ____???

Certainly you are looking to expand your dreams to reality in the form of an industrial shed. Glance through these essential tips to ensure a good shed for your business.

Important considerations for your industrial shed

While you will get many industrial shed manufacturers, staying ahead of them will protect your interests just in case.

A good industrial shed manufacturer will always ask you the purpose of your shed. Is it a manufacturing unit or storage unit, are you making a research facility or just an office? The expected dimensions of the machinery, number of staff, storage area required, number of doors (small and big), electricity configurations, etc. always help assess and arrange properly. Share reference buildings with your architect and manufacturer.

Geo-climatic and geographical conditions like soil profile form the building blocks of the process. To help your shed outlast your expectations, complete clarity on the location profile must be there with all entities involved. Soil testing by an expert right from the land hunt phase will be super helpful.

Time frame
Construction and punctuality often don’t see eye to eye. Although timelines are subject to delays, proper planning and coordination with the promoter/s and suppliers may well keep things on track unless otherwise. While industrial shed manufacturers will quote you different timelines and some of them will be straight “yes Sir” salesmen. We recommend never rushing your dream shed.

Size and plan
With huge areas involved, a set floor plan gets designing and creation easy. Some areas will be covered, some uncovered, some for storage, some for parking and so on. Addressing all these will save you time, money and deliver the result you want.

For longevity and low maintenance costs, cladding requirements must be pre-briefed to the industrial shed manufacturers upfront. These cover coating, insulation, weather resistance and other cladding arrangements.

Load and suspension
Single or multi-storey setup, load-bearing capacity, number of floors and columns, use of roof machinery like crane and other heavy suspension equipment – the shed will be a busy space mostly. The better the planning, the smarter arrangements your shed shall have.

Legal clearances
Although most people do it, we will not omit to state another valuable factor – the laws of the land. Lack of necessary permissions can create holes in the boat.

Concrete (RCC) vs pre-engineered building (PEB) – which is better?

You have seen kids have fun with lego toys? The little engineers of tomorrow simply love it; some adults still do. They are easy to create and recreate. We have something like that when it comes to real-life structure for something as serious as industrial sheds.

With all the pointers covered in the earlier section, one prime and ultimate aspect remains – the building material. While industrial sheds have long been of reinforced cement concrete (RCC), pre-engineered building (PEB) sheds have taken charge of late. The many advantages over RCC sheds which can be looked up here. They are fast to construct (precisely within months), durable, calamity-resistant, customizable, recyclable and relocatable. All of this comes at prices comparatively cheaper than RCC sheds. These sheds also come without columns and rest promise clear spans of 150 ft and more. Plus, they can be dismantled easily (exactly what we pointed out with the lego toy reference).

Prefabricated sheds certainly bring a balance between your needs and goals. In the fast-changing environment of consumerism and upgraded real estate industry, it is making its mark as the next big thing.

The verdict

We believe that getting your industrial shed should now be easier more than ever. The only thing left is choosing the right industrial shed manufacturer. For something that links to your dreams and success, experience and reputation should dominate your choice of contractors.

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