Grey on the outside, Green Inside – Environment Friendly steel building manufacturers is the Future

Environmental issues have become of severe importance in our society. Recycling has become one of the key ways to save our world. Recyclability should be at the core of our lives as well as homes. This is where the need for recyclable environmental steel emerges. An environment-friendly structure can help build a better world for us. Recycled stainless steel has the same strength as normal stainless steel, it can provide you with a lifetime assurance of strength. But many people do not even know that stainless steel can be recycled. steel building manufacturers like pinax steel is an premium example of that.

Recyclability of Stainless Steel

It is theoretically proven that stainless steel can be recycled. Recycled stainless steel does not mean there is a dearth in the strength of the steel. It has the same capacity as any stainless steel, it is sure to give you assurance of strength and forte of a lifetime. The assurance of a longer life is why many people choose.

Even after the steel reaches the end of its life, it still can be recycled and used for the further green building structure. This is possible because the main elements of the stainless steel still remain intact within it. These elements are molybdenum, chromium, and nickel. After the stainless steel has reached its end of life, these can be extracted from it and further used in manufacturing steel or other products.

Benefits of Using Stainless in Building Structures

No need to state anymore whether recyclable stainless steel is beneficial for the environment or not. You can choose to lead a healthy life when you start using recyclable products. What is the better place to start with sustainable products than from your home or office? Stainless Recyclable steel is beneficial in numerous ways, some are listed below –

1. Reduces Usage of Fossil Fuel

The allowance to the world’s fossil fuel is limited, thus it is extremely important to save it. These are non-renewable energy which we need to save. Stainless steel helps a lot in saving the fossil fuel of the world. It has brought sustainability to the steel industry. Here are some of the ways in which stainless steel helps in the reduction of the usage of fossil fuel –

  • The condensing boilers can be manufactured using recycled stainless steel. The chromium and the nickel in stainless steel help in resisting the corrosion, which is why it can be used in manufacturing boilers. The condensation that takes place in the boiler requires corrosion resistance.
  • When you are recycling stainless steel for steel building manufacturers, you are also increasing the reusage of many minerals few of which are considered to be a part of fossil fuel. In this way, you are doing your bit in saving the fossil fuel of the world.


2. Reduces Air Pollution

You do not need anyone else to tell you how the increased level of greenhouse gases is affecting the environment. But there are plenty of ways in which air pollution can be reduced with the help of increased usage of stainless steel on steel building manufacturers. Here is a way in which it is possible –

  • The efficiency of diesel filters which are used to remove smoke and other soot particles, when are manufactured using stainless steel. The amusing temperature resistance quality of stainless steel helps in removing 95% smoke and 85% soot particles when used in diesel filters.


3. Cleaner Waterbodies

Another main concern of the environmental crisis is prohibiting industrial wastes from contaminating water bodies. This is also a place where you can use stainless steel to increase the cleanliness of the waterbodies. Here are a few ways it is possible –

  • The durability of stainless steel and its power of corrosion resistance has made it an ideal choice for wastewater plants to use stainless steel to transport wastewater. Wastewater has a corrosive nature, but stainless steel can resist the corrosion.
  • Stainless steel pipes can also be used in transporting and distributing drinking water. It increases the hygiene level of the whole process. Moreover, recycled stainless steel is durable as well.


The Contribution of Pinax Steel Industry

Pinax Steel Industry has been in the steel industry for over 20 years. we have become one of the most renowned manufacturers in this industry. We look forward to making energy sustainable steel buildings project, for a better world. Our approach towards waste administration, process improvement and much more have been appreciated in the industry. We look forward to innovating, which is why we are using recyclable stainless steel to move forward to the Green building concept in India.

We have made solid improvement in this field and look forward to changing lives and gradually the world with our innovative and energy sustainable solutions. We push ahead to changing your view on recycled products, starting with your home or office. Grey on the outside and green inside is our way of conveying to the world that buildings can be made of energy sustainable elements, starting with recyclable stainless steel.

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