Five Common Myths Revolving Around Modular Prefab School Buildings

When infrastructure is taken into consideration, structures, roads and buildings are the main players involved in the development. And in order to construct, materials are required. Hence the search for better and convenient materials has always been on and over the course of time various types of materials have been used for construction. Inspite of making a slow and steady growth, for instance, our nation is proud to host the largest PEB structure in the world.

Renault-Nissan Famous Franco-Jap Autobrands India has the World’s single largest PEB at one single location involving over 20,000MT of steel and spread over an area of 300,000 sqm

Unfortunately, there are still numerous myths surrounding various evolutionary aspects.

Identifying a few of the myths circulating around Prefab Modular Structures.


1. Modular structures jeopardizes job performance

It’s often considered that modular structures hamper the performance of the job and require more time than the regular method. Whereas it has been noted that incorporating Pre-engineered building technology has successfully reduced the construction time by over 60%. This simplifies the common disruptions or unnecessary on-site delays since the entire construction takes place in a well-equipped controlled environment.


2. Modular buildings are not constructed to last

Another misconception that we are stuck with against modular structures is about its longevity, but in reality, the process followed for manufacturing modular structures is exactly the same as the process practiced in order to manufacture the traditional counterpart. It has been observed that on an average a modular building structure lasts as long as 50 years with little or no maintenance.


3. Modular buildings lack creativity

Modular Prefab structures allow customization and are often built according to the requirements of the clients whereas the conventional structures heavily restrict customization and special requirements of the clients are limited. However, it is wrongly perceived that Prefab Modular structures only come in rigid designs. Whereas, in reality pre-engineered buildings can be designed creatively, Heavy customization is possible starting from Insulation, sandwich panels to stylish Roof Claddings.


4. Modular buildings are not eco sustainable

Environment and Ecological concerns are one of the hottest topics of discussion these days. Prefabricated structures are given prominence in order to actively prevent further damage to the society by restricting everything which can lead to unnecessary carbon emission. Prefab structures are recyclable as steel structures can be completely restructured and 100% reusable leaving out 0 permanent waste whereas the conventional methods can’t be reused or recycled as it sums up to permanent non destroyable waste bank which is harmful to the planet.


5. Modular prefab buildings are less aesthetic

It is often considered that prefab buildings are poor aesthetically. They are not pleasing to one’s eyes but in reality, it’s pretty much the opposite. Prefab structures can be designed based on one’s requirements and desires exactly the way one wants. Modular structures can be constructed and turned into versatile and visually appealing structures nothing short of the e conventional buildings in terms of design and beauty. The engineers and the architects involved in making Prefab Structures take care of this particular aspect and have been successfully manufacturing structures each better looking than the other.

Identifying and removing myths is a vital practice as these rumours act as obstacles to the nation’s growth. Pre-engineered technology is one of the most influential revolutions that has affected the global construction market. Pinax is one of the leading PEB manufacturer and seller in India with an extensive product range consisting of warehouses, factory structures, airport, farming structures, commercial sheds, site workplaces, prefab hostels and many more in attractive price range. For more information, reach out to us