Five Facts To Prove Why PEB Is Superior To RCC

Are you still oblivious of the newer, more convenient modes of construction? Basically, a traditional building is the one built using bricks and cement on-site, step by step, whereas the most recent construction method is that of prefabricated buildings, which are constructed in factories and are only assembled on-site. So, what makes them superior, and how? There are a number of advantages to PEBs, they are cost-effective, long-lasting, more economical, less maintenance, weather-resistant, higher scrap value, etc when compared to RCCs, which not only takes longer construction time but are also rigid. Pinax is one of the most trusted PEB companies in India providing unique services that will enable clients to execute their projects efficiently. 



PEBs have long won the ‘which is better’ debate, unparalleled. Here are a few key points put forward by Pinax, a top PEB company ruling the Indian construction industry. 

Parameters PEBsRCCs
Weight 30% LighterHeavier
Quality Superior Quality. Fully Automated ManufacturingManual construction, quality can be compromised
Wastage52% less waste generated10-12 million tonnes of waste is generated annually, in India alone 
DeliveryCan be constructed in 4 weeks, at the least No fixed time, usually takes months
CostFixed rate. Comparatively costlier than RCCs but is reasonable in the long-runCheaper than PEBs, however, no fixed-rate or quality promise. Also theft of material is common ,in RCC type of construction
Flexibility Highly flexible. Can be easily dismantled, relocated, and reassembledRigid structure, needs to be erected and re-constructed in case of expansion 
CustomizableCustomized to reap maximum efficiency, precise fit, and performanceGeneral designs to make it less usable in different climatic conditions

Green Benefits

So far we have given enough points to support how PEBs are a better option but we still have one final point to make. Did you know that apart from all the benefits we already know of, there is one that makes PEBs environmentally friendly? Yes, not only do you save money and time, you save the environment too when you choose prefabricated buildings. As a leading PEB company, Pinax offers customized solutions tailored to your requirements, we handle everything from scratch to finish and further offer after-delivery assistance. 

Excluding the very many benefits of pre-engineered buildings, they have also emerged as the ideal type of construction owing to their green attributes. To say that PEBs in themselves are eco-friendly would be a wrong declaration but to hint that the materials, i.e., steel has some eco-friendly properties would justify the claim. Green buildings are those which reduce their negative impact on the environment. All the components of PEBs are recyclable, and the dismantling of the structure can be easily executed with barely any wastage. High recyclable quality of PEBs and energy-efficient technologies of construction sustainably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Steel is said to be eco-friendly, recyclable, of superior quality, durable, ductile, and requires low maintenance. With the gradual shift towards a more environmentally conscious business era, PEB structures are the most appropriate form of construction. 

If you’re looking for an expert opinion, contact Pinax , the leading PEB company in India. Having provided its unmatched products and services to government as well as private sectors in India and abroad,Pinax  is the best choice to switch to PEBs.