How to Choose the Perfect Pole Lamps ?

Decent amount of research is required before choosing and installing the right kind of pole lamp. There are several different aspects to consider when choosing the most appropriate product which includes. 


  • Proper pole height and spacing.
  • High lamp efficacy 
  • Life of the luminaire 
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Proper and Uniform Luminance 


Basically, there are two types of light poles, Anchor-based and Direct Burial. Anchor-based poles are attached to a concrete foundation with anchor bolts, nuts, and washers whereas Direct Burial or embedded poles get installed by inserting or rooting down the shaft deep into the Earth. 


Basic Usage of Pole Lights

  • Bridges
  • Recreational Parks
  • Highways, roads, and residential streets
  • School, college, or university campuses
  • Motorsports Tracks
  • Bus Stops and Footpaths 

Features to Look for in Pole Lights

We have a wide variety of Pole Lights available in the market but there are certain things that must be considered before selecting or choosing the most efficient light poles. Here is a list of five such factors that significantly influence the decision-making process: 

  • Pole Height & Type of mount

Determining the height of pole lights is of extreme importance. The height of the pole affects the intensity of light, the uniformity of brightness, the area covered, and the relative glare of the unit. Higher placed units provide lower footcandle levels, which offer more coverage, greater uniformity, and a decreased glare. So selecting the appropriate pole height is one of the most important aspects in making a perfect choice.

Pole Lights and pole mounts are to be in complete sync in order to support the entire structure.  Different pole light mounts are often used in various areas, including direct installations, slip fitter mounts, adjustable mounts, and universal mounts, etc. So, any sort of incorrect fitting will definitely lead to unpredictable accidents or damages. 

  • Weatherproof Casing & Security

Selecting the pole lamp with a heavy-duty weatherproof casing to protect bulbs and electrical elements from damages that can trigger massive accidents such as catching fire or electrocution. The casing should also be resistant to dust and debris to minimise interference with the brightness of the lamp. Proper security to prevent it from being stolen will also require a tough but light casing along with the other features 

  • Easy Installation

It is wiser to have pole lights which enable easy and quick installation. For gas or electric lamps, one would require the assistance of professionals to complete the installation but choosing the eco-friendlier solar option will be of great help.  It does not require any sort of wiring and can be instantly put to use as soon as it is installed. 

  • Wattage 

Wattage is another important factor which needs to be considered before selecting a Pole Light. Higher the lumens or wattage higher the glare or intensity. Higher wattage is capable of covering higher areas but at the same time it increases the consumption, taking a toll on the respective authorities with unnecessary expenses.  We often get past poles lights which are in use 24*7. High lumens undoubtedly produce higher glare and enhanced brightness but determining its importance and requirements is crucial while choosing the different types of light poles.

  •  Renewable Resources

The conventional method of burning coal and producing electricity is exerting immense pressure on our quickly depleting nonrenewable resources. Switching into eco-friendly ways is always the smartest path to select in order to sustain with efficiency in the near future. Based on this the Solar powered pole lamps can be a big step for a healthy future. Keeping a uniform check on the unnecessary wastage of resources and serving the purpose in the most efficient way is always worth paying attention to. 

To conclude with, the above-mentioned guidelines can make your task easier and help you in selecting the right product based on your requirement. However, we at Pinax are just a call away and we would be more than happy to assist you through the process. For more details, reach out to us at or call us on +91 79-83007666