Importance of Pre-Fabricated Hutment

When it comes to the world of construction nothing is more important than the ones working onsite.  However, we don’t give enough credit to the ones who workday and night to have the building erected. Not only are they poorly paid in our country, but we also don’t even bother to think about their safety and pay enough importance to their compulsion to stay outstation. On humanitarian grounds an employer should be concerned and should be taking care of the basic needs and requirements of its labourers which includes shelter, food and water. It is basically the responsibility of every organisation to arrange proper accommodation for their labourers. We often find poorly constructed huts which are extremely unsafe to live in even though they are temporary.   


What is Labour Hutment?

Hutments are groups of temporarily made huts or small camp like structures built on sites of constructions or project sites. Hutments can also be called temporary living quarters or camps. They are widely used by labourers since they are required to reside onsite next to the structure. Hutments are generally made of light materials and constructed within a few metres away from the site point. They serve the purpose of protection from rain, heat, cold or natural phenomena. They are easily made within a very short period of time and are easily dismantled to be moved to the next spot. Hutments are also used by the Army, Police or mountaineers in their expeditions or discoverers and researchers. 


What makes hutments important for your business?

  1. Insulation and Electricity cost

The wall and the roofs are highly insulated and padded from either side which keeps the room temperature in an optimum condition. In tropical countries, especially during summers, it is of high importance because it keeps the temperature on the lower side which ultimately saves up on electricity costs. Extra room cooling machinery will not be required to lower the temperature.


  1. Fast and Easy construction 

Prefabricated hutments are extremely light and easily constructible. Moreover, prefab construction happens offsite in factory conditions, and it increases structural efficiency. These speeds up the construction by 60%, whereas in conventional construction methods time required is way more. Prefab construction is fast due to its readymade format and can be easily assembled for framing up the entire structure. 


  1. Providing hygienic environment

Conventional accommodations are often poorly designed and unhygienically created which soon turns into a slum like environment which is neither visually pleasing nor liveable. As a result, people living in this unhygienic environment are often riddled with diseases. Even babies taking birth in such conditions are also getting affected as they are often taking birth with severe dieseses. 

Due to its nature of being temporary conventional construction are not strong enough to withstand rough weather whereas Prefab structures provide a safer and cleaner living environment for labours.  


  1. Expansion

A typical hutment needs to be modular and should be easily expanded if required. Conventional construction is not easy to expand if required. Due to its highly unscientific design, changes required on the structure are almost impossible and if done forcibly chances of collapsing increase, leading to severe damage of both lives and properties. Prefabricated hutments are designed in such a way where innumerable expansions can be easily accommodated at a reasonable cost, with a guarantee for proper safety and security. 


  1. Cost Savings 

Labour accommodation structures should be of lightweight, and easy to dismount. It can then be shipped to another location and rebuilt in no time. Prefabricated structures meet all the requirements of being light, easy to build and dismantle and easy to ship to the next point. Due to these features, it is extremely cost saving. 

Pinax offers a wide range of different labour accommodations to choose from. These are built according to the specification of the client. Being modular, they can be easily expanded by adding frames, wall and roof panels. Pinax is one of the largest players in the prefab market of India. Pinax have also engaged itself into designing and constructing various types of industrial, commercial and institutional prefab accommodations which can be delivered throughout the country quickly, easily and at a reasonable rate.