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A rapid increase in the demand for solar solutions  has been noted in India in the recent past. It can be attributed to ongoing reductions in the cost of solar mounting systems in comparison with higher grid rates. 


Good use of India’s 300 clear days a year could generate 5000 trillion kWh of energy per year. 

Individuals, as well as industrialists, have identified the benefits of solar power in terms of operational ease and lower budget. Solar parks, power plants, and farms are being developed, and people  are mounting solar panels on the roof of their houses as well. 


As of March 2019, the total installed solar capacity stands at 30 GW, accounting for an increase of 5 times in 3 years.

If you are considering solar for your business, farm, or home, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each type of installation. The purpose of this blog is to help you make an informed decision when investing in solar power.


The structure and type of mount affects power output of solar panels. 

Grid infrastructure plays an essential role in the placement of solar panels. Without proper support, we cannot ensure optimum production of energy. This is where solar mounting structures come into play. To put it simply, solar mounts are the backbones of solar panels. Be it a solar farm or a power plant, a designed system is required for the setup of the panels based on local conditions. This is why solar mounts are available in a variety of types.


Placement is crucial while setting up solar panels. 

A ground-mounted system can be just as effective as a roof-mounted system. It is ultimately up to you to choose the option that best meets your requirements. You may find that a roof mount is the most cost-effective and easiest option if you have plenty of unshaded roof space available. You may be able to take advantage of solar’s financial and environmental benefits if you have limited roof space or if you are able to install a ground mount or carport.


Ground mounted solar panels can be ultra powerful. 

As one of  the top solar mounting structures manufacturers in India, we recommend ground-mounts in areas where space is not an issue. Both the cost and benefits of these structures are higher than those of rooftop structures. In addition, ground-mounted panels are best suited to areas where light can pass through freely without being blocked by buildings, walls, trees, or signboards. To maximize energy production, install the system slightly tilted. 


Pinax is working towards a greener, cleaner India. 

There has been a 33-fold increase in solar energy over the last decade. Providing a wide range of solar mounting systems, Pinax is working towards a greener India. When it comes to choosing renowned and dependable Solar Mounting Structure Manufacturers in India, there are not too many alternatives. In the creation of our world-class Solar Mounting System, we employ only the highest grade stainless steel and the best German, Japanese, and Swiss technology. This makes Pinax a top name for solar mounting structures in India.


Pinax Steel Industries is committed to being more environmentally friendly with each passing day. We are one of the most prestigious Solar Mounting Structure Manufacturers in India. We are here to offer you the best solar mounting system available in India. We specialize in both ground-mounted and roof-mounted solar panel mounting structures, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. We work on lower-wattage panels for household and residential use, as well as higher-wattage panels for commercial and industrial structures.