Ladder-type Cable Trays: A Unique Feature In Cable Tray Systems

Whatever the scale, industrial usage employs a huge mass of wires, and proper organization becomes necessary to manage these. The cable tray system is there to support, route, and protect cables as part of the cable management system. Cable management systems are available in a variety of sizes and styles from Cable tray manufacturer in Kolkata, as well as other major cities. These trays help in managing heavy bundles of wires and protecting them from any damage. There are several types of cable trays including Ladder, Galvanized, Perforated, PVC, Stainless Steel etc.

Industrial Usage for Ladder Type Trays 

In an industrial environment where large bundles of cables are in use for long spans of time, and attached to heavy-duty machinery, high strength ladder type cable trays are the perfect solution. Ladder-type cable trays are the most common solution for supporting and routing of cables in an installation. For this reason, cable ladders are available in a variety of sizes and standards. The steel ladder cable trays are manufactured using mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium which are in compliance with various international standards and specifications. Ladder type cable trays are also ideal for heavy duty power distribution in industrial facilities. Perforation brings in air flow in the cable box, higher current flow can be achieved at cross-sections, and overheating and consecutive damaging of cables are avoided.


What makes Ladder Cable Trays an Ideal Option for Cable Management?

The ladder cable tray is designed to protect and route wires in an efficient way. There are many types and variations within this category. These are especially useful in protecting shielded power wires outside the conduit environment. It is a proven, safe, reliable, durable and dependable solution for routing and supporting wires of an elevated building. Ladder cable tray manufacturers design trays in a manner that gives users lots of benefits.

  • It provides free ventilation to wires, so a smaller conductor suffices.
  • These are specially designed to use in all locations, which makes it suited for different applications.
  • These trays combine great design and high technology to increase safety. Neither moisture condensation problems nor explosive gas can become a threat once ladder cable trays are installed.
  • These are appropriate for working with other wiring techniques.
  • These have a longer support span, which increases productivity and ensures the protection of cables.
  • The trays require low maintenance and are known for their flexibility while adding or removing circuits.
  • These cable trays require less space for its installation, therefore, they are widely known as a space-saving option.


Installation of Ladder Cable Tray is Key to Preventing Fire Accidents

Cable management is  very important to prevent damages to life and property, and to protect an industrial setup – right? Despite the fact, people are likely to avoid safety protocols till major accidents cost them millions. An investment at the installation phase is better than to be the victim of any accident. And when it comes to a reliable, dependable, effective and economical cable management system, Ladder Cable Tray is the first choice that comes to mind. Here’s why:

  • Ladder Cable Tray is the only type of cable tray whose covers permit the free flow of air across the wires, which reduces the chances of overheating and short circuits.
  • Also, the rungs of these types of cable trays are useful in tying down the wires in the non-horizontal tray runs, which puts a stop to the accumulation of moisture.
  •  These are perfect for the area where the installation space is an issue because these may get easily installed anywhere without much space or hassle.
  • Adding an extra wire or removing one from the top, bottom or sides can be easier with the Ladder Cable Tray.


Elevate Your Cable Tray Management with Pinax Steel

Pinax is a leading designer and manufacturer of cable trays that provide optimum support. Our products are industry verified, and our cable trays come with cable support systems, which do not give way easily. We use methods like Hot Dip Galvanising to increase the tenacity of the Cable Trays. We also manufacture other cable accessories like Elbows, Bends, Cross, Risers and Tees.

As cable tray manufacturers in Kolkata, we make cable trays in various shapes and sizes. Ladder cable trays are one of them. We offer a wide range of Ladder Type Cable Trays that are made from the finest mild steel.This is used in various industries for distribution of power throughout the premises. These cables have uniform distances between them and have side rails or rungs, which are welded to the side rails or bolted in some cases. Our cable trays provide maximum ventilation to heat producing cables such as power cables.

And we are not done here. We also provide several options when it comes to finishes:

  • Powder-coated
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Painted
  • Pre-galvanized

With end-to-end cable tray solutions from a fully automated 10,00,000 sq ft manufacturing unit, Pinax brings customized, high-quality and durable cable trays for you.