Leading Cable Tray Supplier, Exporter, and Manufacturer in India — Pinax Steel

Pinax is the dominating manufacturer and supplier of modern cable trays in India. With a wide range of basket cable trays, perforated cable trays, ladder cable trays, and the like, Pinax is one of the best cable tray manufacturers. All our cable trays are budget-friendly, innovative, and ISO affirmed to meet the various standards of the government bodies. 

Moreover, our cable trays will remain free of erosion due to our powder coating formula that makes them ideal for use in open-air spaces. Simple to use, our cable trays will allow big organizations to work smoothly without hindrances.

What is the use of cable trays?

During the electrical wiring of buildings and structures, a cable tray facilitates power control, conveyance, and correspondence. Whether you opt for electrical wire frameworks or open wiring, cable tray administration is essential for modern business and national development. 

Some of the main uses of cable trays include –

  • If changes in the wiring framework of a structure are expected, then rather than getting them through the line, you can lay them in a cable tray. 
  • Pinax offers cable trays with a strong base to give the best security to your organization’s cables. You can use fittings or cut the cable tray to introduce or take out cables. 
  • You will also get ventilated cable trays that come with open spaces in the lower part to allow air movement across the electrical cables. 
  • Pinax being the largest cable tray supplier & exporter company in India, also offers ladder cable trays that will uphold the cables with a crossbar. 
  • You can also opt for normal cable trays which are usually made of stainless steel, glass-fiber plastic, galvanized steel, or aluminum. You can pick the material depending on the application. 


Types of Cable Trays Manufactured, Exported and Supplied by Pinax

You can choose from our extensive range of cable trays which include –

Basket Cable Trays:

These are the go-to cable trays for directing, organizing, and supporting extensive cable runs. The wire-outline system of these cable trays allows proper air ventilation. These cables are ideal for underwork areas, hanging cable tray set-ups, or lifted ground surface cable frameworks.

Ladder Cable Trays:

Ladder cable trays are ideal for providing complete mechanical assurance and support for cables. These cable trays are intended to be used as control cables or force cables. They offer a supportive network to shield your organization from electrical mishaps. 

Ventilated trays and ladder cable trays usually come with strong covers to protect cables from moisture, water, residue, or other falling items. Moreover, a ladder cable system comes with straight lengths as well as different molded fittings to work smoothly with varying cable bearings without the need for additional adjustments.

Raceways Cable Trays:

Raceway cable trays are usually used for spreading out various underground wires or cables. At Pinax, you can opt for multi-section or single-section raceway cable trays. Raceway cable trays shield cables and wires from general dangers, stickiness, heat, water interruption, and others. Moreover, these cable trays help to disguise cables and offer an aesthetic setup for your organization. 

Perforated Cable Trays:

Just like power cables, perforated cable trays are used for control and instrumentation. From astounding ventilation to improving the longevity of cables, the benefits of perforated cable trays from Pinax are unlimited. These cables can also be adjusted for different designs and fittings. If you have a vast amount of heavy-duty power cables, a perforated tray system will suit you best.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Best-quality Cable Tray Accessories

Besides being the most reliable cable tray supplier, exporter, and manufacturer in India, Pinax offers high-quality accessories for cable trays. From cable, tray covers to cable tray reducers and outer, we have everything to help you establish a secure electrical fitting in your organization. 

You can choose an appropriate cover depending on the cable tray you have opted for from Pinax. You can opt for powder coated and pre-electrifies for ladder cable trays. For perforated cable trays, you can opt for pre-excited, aluminum, powder-coated, or stainless steel cable tray accessories. Moreover, at Pinax, you can customize your cable tray accessories in different sizes. 

Why is Pinax Famous for its Cable Trays?

Our cables trays have the following advantages – 

  • It offers adequate ventilation with additional wire or cable advantage
  • Our cable trays are capable of backing a vast quantity of organizational cables
  • Low requirement of support
  •  Accessible in a variety of lengths and widths
  • We have the largest selection of cable trays and cable tray accessories. 

If you like to have less mess in your organization, Pinax has got your back with an extensive collection of cable trays and accessories. You can now prevent mishaps caused by falls and outings. Moreover, your organization will be secure from electrical fires and other accidents.