PEBs – The Future of Construction

Comparison, no matter of what nature, always leads to a debate. Whether intentionally or as a reflex reaction, when two epics come together, opinions get divided in favour of both. But today, we have come prepared to support our champion – PEBs. 

Pre-engineered buildings have hit the world like a tornado and their demand is only increasing. More and more companies are opting for off site prefabricated building construction due to the number of advantages attached to it. Many industries are shifting to this newer and better building alternative. 

If you still have doubts, this blog will help you gain a clearer perspective. 


Why PEBs?

Big companies prefer assigning large projects to reputed pre-engineered building manufacturing companies due to the plus points that makes them the ideal solution. Disassembling and transporting them to various locations is not tough anymore. So more businesses opt for the newer, easier and more convenient alternative. 

Lighter in Weight : Prefabricated buildings are 27-30% lighter than onsite fabrication since the raw materials used in PEBs can be customizable as per the project requirements. But in the case of onsite fabrication, girdles and sections come in standard sizes such as ISMB and ISMC. The heavier the building, the higher the foundation cost. Foundation cost is much lower in PEBs which decreases the entire cost of the project.

Superior Quality :  PEBs are made in a controlled climate with the latest welding technology and go through strict quality checks. Pinax, as a pre-engineered building company can guarantee the highest quality standards since we maintain strict quality checks at various steps. We start from receiving raw material, and continue to the welding and painting stages, carried out under strict supervision with the final check at the time of dispatch. In case of on-site fabrication, various atmospheric factors and human errors deteriorate the quality standard. 

Ease of Installation : PEBs are not only cheaper and stronger but also easier to assemble. The installation process is easy to accomplish because of the vigilant factory checking process. The pre manufactured parts are fastened easily and are customizable as per the client’s requirement. Further, easy dismantling and shifting is much easier as compared to onsite buildings which are permanent structures.

Pre-defined Cost : Maintaining a budget is one of the most crucial factors of construction. On site fabrication appears to be cheaper at first but as the construction progresses, the cost increases about 15-17%  due to atmospheric damage, fluctuating prices of raw materials, etc. With PEBs, the construction cost is finalised beforehand. So clients get a closer estimate of the cost of the entire building since the fabrication, welding and painting costs are fixed.

On-time Delivery : A PEB company takes comprehensive responsibility from sourcing the raw materials to the onsite installation of the building. PEB manufacturers have multiple sources for the materials and acquire it methodically as per the plan, ensuring on time execution and eliminating any last moment delay or increase in the price. So that you get the buildings at the right time, and not later. 

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What makes PEBs stand out from the lot?

Prefabricated buildings are one of the most in-demand construction methods owing to various benefits. These include cost effectiveness, fast construction, durability, recyclability,  sustainability and design flexibility. As per resources, PEB market in India is expected to grow 20-30%. Apart from the already known plus points like cost effectiveness, easy installation, quick construction, design flexibility, etc. There are a few key characters that place PEBs at an advantageous position.

  • The recyclability factor – all the raw material used can be recycled – if you ever decide to dismantle, relocate or refurbish it with minimum wastage
  • Taking advantage of the rising demand, pre-engineered building companies are promoting PEB structures for residential accommodation. Fast construction and design flexibility are making them a suitable option
  • Earthquake resistance and high durability makes PEBs suitable for high risk zones. Earlier preferred only in limited sectors, PEBs are now  expanding in every industry from construction, healthcare, aviation to residential, restaurants, malls, etc. It is only an upward moving graph for PEBs


Pinax Steel offers complete PEB solutions as per the customer’s requirement, including the entire backend work from scratch to installing the final structure on-site. We have executed our PEB designing and manufacturing services in both government and private sectors to design, manufacture and erect warehouses. We have extended our service to big names like  IOCL, Border Roads Organisation (BRO), NTPC, etc. Contact us for any prefabricated building requirements.