Prefabricated Portable Toilet Cabins

Custom-made prefabricated buildings known as portable cabins are manufactured for a wide range of applications, such as security cabins, storage containers, portable restrooms, site offices, etc. Portable cabins are not only an economical alternative to traditional buildings for reasons like low maintenance, quicker construction, relocatable, etc but also come in handy wherever temporary accommodation is required.

Prefabricated toilets have been a concept for the past century. Modern Prefab bathrooms have undergone a significant makeover owing to the advancement in technology. The need to address people’s concerns about cleanliness and improved hygiene gave rise to portable toilets. Individuals looking for toilet systems now have a range of options to choose from to best suit their needs. It is unquestionably the most hygienic option for many outdoor occasions which is quick to construct and simple to install.


Features of Portable Toilets

Easy to maintain

Aesthetically pleasing

Requires no foundation

Lightweight and durable

Erectable and relocatable

Corrosion and termite resistant 

High seismic resistance and weatherproof 

Inclusive of all electrical facilities such as wiring, socket, light fixtures, etc


Benefits of Portable Toilets 

Mobility: Prefabricated cabins can be easily moved from one location to another. It is also easy to disassemble and reinstall these cabins to a different location with minimum effort. Furthermore, these structures can be easily erected on flat ground or over concrete without any foundation work.

Weather Resistant: Porta cabins are insulated, painted, well-built, corrosion-free, and weather-resistant. As a result, the prefabricated portable cabin is not affected by bad weather conditions. It is also equipped with a cooling and heating system to mitigate the harsh weather.

Flexible Designs: A permanent construction may be difficult to change, but a prefabricated porta cabin can be transported as and when needed. Suitable for locations with limited accessibility, these cabins are flexible and relocatable in all circumstances.

Quicker Construction: Prefabricated portable toilet cabins construct and install a ready-to-use restroom in 60% less time than traditional lavatories. The various parts of the structure are bolted together during installation, thereby reducing construction costs and time.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning normal toilets is a time-consuming chore. Portable toilets, on the other hand, are simple to maintain. Simply spray the inside of the toilet with an antibacterial spray and rinse it well. Unlike conventional toilets, portable toilets don’t require costly cleaning solutions or disinfectants. Furthermore, portable toilet waste is dumped directly into sewers.

Suitability: Concrete toilets might be an additional cost to your budget. Even though it is impossible to avoid supplying a toilet cabin, a loophole can be found by opting for portable toilet cabins. One of the primary advantages of installing portable restrooms is that they do not require permits and can be placed anywhere. If you are looking for top Prefabricated toilet cabin manufacturers, seek no further than Pinax. India’s leading PEB company, we can design affordable and high-quality products in the blink of an eye!


When it comes to the usage of portable cabins, the applications are practically limitless. There is no limit to how flexible these structures can be. They may be used as portable office cabins, temporary offices, worker living quarters, lavatory cabins, and more. Moreover, these structures can also be customized with a variety of amenities, such as air conditioning, insulation, and sanitation.

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