No1 Safety Measures To Avoid Leakage In PEB Manufacturing

Regular maintenance for PEBs can increase the longevity of the buildings more than their warranty period. Maintenance procedure depends upon the environment, locality, and climate the building thrives in. pre-engineered buildings at less populated and mild areas lesser care than dry and humid climate conditions.

Some of the common problems pre-engineered buildings come across are:

  • Flow problems to handle the equipment.
  • Caking problems due to adsorption and crystallization.
  • Chemical oxidation due to high pressure
  • Moisture trapped for the tendency of high reactivity

Building maintenance depends upon the design, material, access provision, and specification. It is very essential to never compromise on the leakage proof technique of any pre-engineered buildings. The buildings must be closely looked at to avoid damages caused by nylon strings, screws, drill bits, pop rivets, or any other sharp objects. Once the set up is done, the steel building manufacturers must clean the building with a soft nylon brush to get rid of any of the above elements. Before acknowledging the safety measures, it is important to understand the glitches that might occur in Pre-engineering buildings.

  1. Difference in PEB manufacturers –

Not all PEB manufacturers get the roofing sheet material the same. When the roofing material is bought from different steel building  manufacturers, it can show dissimilarity in thickness and surface smoothness. There are high chances of leakage when the sheets are bought from different places. It is better to buy them from the same place to avoid dissimilarity between sheet profiles.

  2. Gap in lapping

Lapping is the process that brings roughness to the surface. The warehouse shed manufacturer in India uses the technique to get a very accurate surfacing, generally for extremely flat surfaces. Water leakage occurs when the lapping is not done professionally. This problem can also occur on older sheets that have worn out with time. To overcome this problem, adhesive sheets are used between the lapping gaps. The adhesives close the gaps permanently to stop the problem of water leakage.

  3.Weak drilling

During nut fixation, improper size and badly drilled screws can lead to water leakage. Water leakage can be stopped by choosing the right size screw and drilling them correctly with the building.


Steel can wear out for extreme exposure to sun or rain. The steel building manufacturers provide profound quality paints so that corrosion does not take place.

Safety measure to avoid leakage problem in pre-engineered buildings

  • Moisture protection

Water leakage can be eliminated by using moisture barrier, water leakage elimination, and open space and air circulation techniques. Ventilation affects moisture and airflow through the building due to drilling holes, improper screw fitting which leads to water leakage. Rainwater, groundwater causes dampness which can be cured with proper ventilation process.

  • Site drainage

Water from rain, snow, irrigation systems can damage PEB structures. The goal is to create a design that allows appropriate drainage of water and prevents structural leakage or entering the building.

The godown manufacture in India creates a controlled design with porous pavement. Porous pavement is a permeable surface built of asphalt or concrete. It uses the appropriate gradient for the water to flow down with an appropriate drainage system.

  • Open ridge

Rising wall details can lead to unmatched roof systems. The mismatch is bound to develop a weakness in the construction. Details need closure strips preventing the water to flow back into the mismatch. As the mismatch ages, it can lead to moisture penetration through the roof. Open ridge problem can be avoided by using heavy-duty tapes for emergencies. The ultimate way to ignore any such problem is to opt for manufacturers who are trustable and professionals.

Besides the safety measures, here are some situations one must avoid if willing to skip the maintenance cost and effort.

  • Keep the air conditioner pipe at a secure place. The water flowing from the air conditioner or other sources can cause corrosion on metal PEB roofing.
  • The copper pipe fastened with the steel panel directly.
  • Adjacent water sources like ponds or tanks to the panel.
  • Avoid too much screw fitting on the shed. Going for longer steel roofing without any joining can keep the PEB Structure safe from ill-fitting, taping, and water leakage.
  • Apply a paint coat on the screws or any exposed metal.


Wrapping up

Pre-fabricated structures have a preferred position over traditional ones. They are 30% lighter contrasted with the standard CSB developments. The PEBs gives high protection from seismic tremor burdens and precipitation, as humidity can make minute harm PEB structures. With  little support, the time span of usability of pre-designed structures can increment as long as 25 years. The go-down produce in India contributes incredibly to keeping up the general maintainability of the PEB structures. Keeping them sufficient can diminish the likelihood of consumption or water spillage for a drawn-out time. For More Information and Get To know About The Company Follow Us