Solar Panels Mounting Structures – Advantages and Benefit

More and more homeowners are now opting for renewable and energy efficient for their household. But there are many who want to switch to a cleaner energy, but are not sure how to. For them, the answer is to get solar panels for their homes to harness the endless powerful energy of the sun. PEB manufacturers company Pinax Steel Pvt. Ltd is one of them best PEB manufacturers in the country.

But how do solar panels work? Let’s find out.  

There is no rocket science involved in how they work. Solar panels consist of small units known as photovoltaic cells. They are further sandwiched between the silicone layers, which serve as a conductor. When the particles of light or ‘photos’ hit these panels or the cells, electricity is created, which is called the photoelectric effect. The inverter then converts this electricity to kinetic energy that can be used to run various appliances in the house. 

For the installation process, the solar mounting racking system comes in two different types: ground mount solar structure and roof mount solar structure. 

Benefits of solar mounts

There are several advantages of solar panels. Before going into details about the two main types of racking systems, let’s first take a look at some of the benefits of solar panels: 

  • Reduces your energy bills. 
  • Solar energy is clean and renewable energy. 
  • Solar energy can be harnessed anywhere and everywhere. 
  • Solar energy can be used for generating heat, electricity and also for distilling water. 
  • Solar panels are super low maintenance. You only have to keep them clean for them to be working fine. 

Read on to find out the different types of solar mounts and which structures are ideal for them. 

   1.A) Ground mount racking structure

A solar ground mount racking system is installed on the ground. There are various options when it comes to ground mounts. There are also certain conditions and structures that these mounting systems are most suitable for. Find the one that suits you the best below.  

Ballasted footing mounts

Often solar ground mount racking systems need to excavate your land for installation. If the soil in your property is not fit for any kind of excavation work, then the best option is to go for ballasted footing mounts. 

Multi pole mounts

All the solar panels are placed in one horizontal line. Multi pole mounts also serve the purpose of adding shade to a yard or for carports. It has a single adjustment system for all the panels. 

Foundation mounts

The most popular and common mounting system. This system is best for soils that are strong enough to support the mounting system. Excavation, as well as soil analysis, is needed to install this mounting system.

 Pole mounts 

 Pole mounts are low maintenance and cost-effective. If you want to install a small solar system, then it is best to install pole mounts. There     are also variations in pole mounts: Side Pole Mounts and Top Pole Mounts. 

      Advantages of solar ground mounting structures

  • You can easily clean the solar panels. 
  • Provides easy access for maintenance work and troubleshooting.
  • The ground provides stronger support to the mounting system.
  • Due to the cooler temperature of the panel, the energy output is higher. 
  • The system does not have to be uninstalled when you need to repair your roof. 



 2.B) Roof mounting racking structure 

 As the name suggests, the solar roof mount racking structure is installed on the roof of the house. Here are some suitable rooftop solar     panels options for both sloped roofs and flat roofs or industrial roofs.

Shared rail mounting system

Shared rail mounting systems use only three rails to support the mourning system on your roof. If you have an old roof, then opting for a shared rail mounting system is best as the number of rails used in this system is less. 

Rail mounting system

In this system, four rails are used to secure two solar panels. The rails are attached to the roof while the panels are attached to the rails. Checking the condition of your roof before installing this mounting system is better as the use of more rails means more perforations to your roof. 

Flat roof ballasted mounting system

Flat roof ballasted mounting system are mainly installed on houses or buildings that features a flat roof. The majority of the commercial buildings have flat industrial roofs.  The system comes pre-assembled with a ballasted block that supports the whole system. 

East-West mounting system

Another option for flat roofs and industrial roofs. In East-West mounting system, the panels are placed in the 90° angle and are attached. 

Advantages of roof mounting racking structure

  • Easy installation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Cheaper installation labor cost. 
  • It is easier to gain a permit for a rooftop solar system.
  • Unused space is utilized. 

Pinax and Our Contribution to Solar Mounts Structures 

Pinax Steel Pvt. Ltd is the leading player for 20 years in the PEB manufacturers and steel manufacturing industry. We are pioneers in manufacturing of solar panels and solar panel mounting systems for both residential and commercial buildings as part of our Green Building Initiative. Certified by ISO 9001:2015, we are trusted by over 500 clients all over the globe. 

We offer the Solar Mounted Panels , with the highest quality design and development. We take care of the entire installation process and provide maintenance services after installation as well. Pinax a PEB  manufacturers  is the name you can trust when it comes to implementing cleaner energy in your building. 

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