Solar Panel Mounting Structure For The New Source Of Energy

Demand for Solar Power Panel and mount structure is growing at a very fast rate. With a large population growth and with 100GW in its hand, it is expected that India will become the world’s largest solar nation by 2022. With a continuous price reduction and higher grating rates results in growing demand for the solar solutions and hence a rapid growth is foreseen. Solar power leads to an undeniable future as they work best when they receive unrestricted sunlight for the maximum number of times, tilted its face towards the south. Here comes the solar panel mounting structures into the picture. Ex- Pinax Steel – a  Solar Mount Structure Company

Solar panel mounting structures are the backbone of solar power plants. They give support to the modules and uplift the solar panels so that they can receive the maximum solar radiation. Without these, the solar panels won’t be able to capture the minimum amount of solar radiation for the optimum solar energy. A perfect mounting structure not only bears the weight of the modules, but also can resist extreme weather conditions like floods and storms. There are various materials like woods and polymers that are used to create strong mounting structures.

Types of solar mounting structures

The correct choice of mounting structures is essential in terms of production and efficiency of the solar panels. It is a one time investment and the choice of the mounting structures should not be taken lightly. There are five types of mounting structures for solar panel:

  • Mounted Roof Racks: These racks keep the wires from running distances between the solar arrays and the inverter or battery bank to a minimum. It also requires roof penetrations and prevents from causing any roof leakages. So, the roof has to be well sealed. Roof mounts require a lot of space for all the panels which are required can be placed. They can be fixed or adjusted and installed with solar trackers.
  • Ground-mounted Racks: These are the ground mounted solar structures that used for solar panels on grounds, anywhere in your house. These are mostly adjustable and allow them to incline up or down for absorbing maximum solar energy at various times of the day. The ground-mounted racks are suggested only to secure locations with stable and clean environments.
  • Top-of-pole-mounted Racks: As the name suggests, these are used on poles. There are two kinds of mounted poles, top-pole and side-pole. It enables the solar panel to sit on the top of the pole. The top-pole mounted racks allow the mounting poles to be settled into the ground and are tightened with concretes and then the solar modules are mounted at the top of the poles.
  • Side-of-pole-mounted Racks: It allows the solar panels to sit at the side of the pole. These mainly comprises of small number of modules that are used for solar panels. These are specially used for lighting system in remote areas and they come up with the poles where they are easily attached.
  • Tracking-System Mounted: These are used for all types of solar-tracking systems, pumping solar water and allows maximum sun radiation that generates electricity. There are two types of tracking systems, one axis and two axes. The one axis tracks the movement of the sun from east to west while the two axis tracks the sun’s movement daily. Solar tracker is an automated system which helps to track the movement of the sun all the time for optimum solar energy. The solar trackers increase efficiency but they are not commonly used as it is very costly in case of any potential breakdown.

Module Mounting Structures

Module Mounting Structures play an important role for setting a long, durable and most efficient in working solar power plants. These structures not only help to rest the panels comfortably, but also prevents from damaging. Mounting structures are used for rooftops, carports, ground mounting and sun tracking solutions. There are also many technological improvements that reduce costs, fast and better installations and high durability. Ex- Pinax steel – a PEB manufacturers company

Issues related to module mounting structures in India

  • Unstable structures: When tested the strength of the mounting structures at times of high wind, it has been observed that there is a high level of noise and vibrations around tables at times. It may be due to the unstable structures or may be due to inaccurate assumptions about the maximum speed of the wind or maybe the region taken into consideration falls under high wind speed area.
  • Seasonal-tilt specific issues: In seasonal-tilt trackers, it has been observed that the forward truss is weak sometimes. Even under the weight of PV panels, close to 9-12 mm, it appears as a ‘bow’ at the center.
  • Braces tightened improperly: When the braces are tightened improperly, it rotates the whole table on its axis changing the angle of the tilt. It results in high intra and inter row shading with the adjacent tables and creates power loss.

The solar module mounting structures are thus easy to install at any site without any hassle and is the most economical solution  in the market with customized designs. For More Information and Get To know About The Company Follow Us