Making Sure Steel Building Can Live Up To Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are always the biggest tests for the advancement of humankind. No matter how smart our technologies and infrastructure get, we still often fall short in front of the force of nature. More often than not, natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, and floods occur and show us the chinks in our human amours.  steel building manufacturers like Pinax are the savior in this time.

But as the builders of a better world, we should not take that as a dead end but as a challenge. It should be our goal and objective to build bigger, stronger, and sturdier foundations for our infrastructure – one that would not easily topple when faced against natural disasters. 

One way to do it is embrace the tenacity and durability of steel. 

It is an observed fact, steel structures have showcased improved durability, and sustainability compared to traditional styles of construction. Out of most of the damage inflicted, Steel buildings have emerged the safest. steel building manufacturers had long advocated for the benefits extracted from Pre Fabricated Steel Buildings. It’s astounding how much cost in lieu of lives, property, and capital can be mitigated through intelligently chosen materials and design. Ex- Pinax Steel – a Steel Building Company

Materials and Design

Pre Engineered Buildings are structures of steel designed and constructed with consideration of specific requirements; then shipped and bolted together on location. The commercial-grade steel used by pre engineered building manufacturers has the highest strength to weight ratio compared to any archaic construction material. 

  • The advantages of steel include it’s lightweight nature, despite creating a strong foundation for structures- avoiding undue pressure on the same. The durability combined with strength is the ideal component for modern architecture. 
  • Pre Fabricated Steel Buildings promise a shortened construction timeline- whilst also lending superior withstanding abilities to any future possibilities of disaster. Efficiently designed and executed, these structures create minimal collateral damage in the process of construction.
  • A long term standard warranty lowers insurance premiums for the proprietors. It’s fire-resistant nature, coupled with the ability to ground lightning strikes, ensures a safe inhabitation for man and machinery alike. 
  • Corrosion, mould, or pests can slowly but steadily damage the foundation of a building to the point of irreversibility. Pre Engineered Building Manufacturers are long aware of steel’s immunity towards these deadly adversaries to the construction. 
  • Steel simultaneously boasts of a ductile nature- an earthquake might bend the foundation, but wouldn’t be able to break it as easily as with a concrete structure. The steel frame offers the possibility to save a lot of lives. 


An essential factor to consider whilst choosing a construction process and material is the effect it has on the environment. Natural disasters are only worsened due to disproportionate resource exploitation compared to sustenance. With increasingly stringent rules and regulations, more builders are getting aware of the toxic waste generation as a result of traditional construction. Pre Fabricated Steel Buildings are made of “greener” components, thus creating both short term and long term benefits.

Disaster Mitigation


In and around earthquake-prone zones, it is quintessential to have a strong foundation. Soil sample analysis and consultation provided by a geotechnical engineer are critical to the foundation construction. Pre Engineered Building Manufacturers are aware of these subtleties as they proceed with uncompromising design and construction processes. 

Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Tormenting high winds can lead to extreme uplift- a rugged roof and building design are essential to the construction in such cases. Steel roof system with the relevant fastener design along with secondary framing reinforces corners and overhang keeping the top from flying off in case of Hurricanes and Tornadoes. 


Steel offers great relief from pyrophobia; its incombustible nature is immune to combustion. Steel walls combined with roof panels ensure sparks don’t lead to a blaze or spread flames. Efficient designs keep in mind minimal overhang, thus channeling hot air. The soffits, decks, and balconies are built using fire-resistant materials- further reducing the potential for fire. Experts recommend a 30-foot radius clearing about any structure consisting of flammable materials. 


Pre Engineered Building Suppliers cover the structures with protective coatings to prevent corrosion and keep moisture at bay. Pre Fabricated Steel Buildings are immune to lasting damage due to metal frames and panels. Though the flooring could be affected, it could be easily replaced. Steel studs in the interior walls make sure only the damaged drywall has to be replaced in the case of a flood. Traditional structures, on the other hand, require entire wooden wall frames to be replaced. 

As a whole

Natural disasters are unavoidable- but precaution is always better than cure. Making the switch over to steel as the primary component of construction lends immense reliability and safety to property and capital. Its versatility and sustainability is the future of construction. It is a tried and tested step towards a greener tomorrow.

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