Specialised steel building manufacturers – Advantages and future scope

Specialised steel structures are widely used in various industries due to their positive
characteristics. The steel structures are pre-engineered and made from structural steel that is
designed especially to carry a huge amount of weight. Steel building manufacturers follow
structural fabrication process to make these pre-engineered steel structures.
Currently, they are highly in demand in industries like petrochemical industry, airport terminal
buildings, ports, metro and rail, power plants, oil and gas, stadiums, residential and commercial
buildings etc. Ex- Pinax Steel  a steel building manufacturers

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of steel specialized steel structures.
Advantages of specialised steel structures
● One of the key reasons for the high popularity of specialised steel structure is because
they allow for customisation. Several designs can be fit into these pre-engineered steel
structure which previously was not possible in conventional building systems. Apart from
this, specialised steel structures also have high versatility.
● It is easier to erect a specialised steel structure. It does not take too much time either.
Because it comes fabricated, the erection time is reduced to half. This is one of the
prime factors why commercial sectors now mostly opt for specialised steel structures.
There are fewer chances of delays and no delays mean fewer chances of incurring
● It is not just about durability anymore. You need a steel structural building that not only is
strong and durable but is also elevates the aesthetic value of the building. Commercial
buildings win points for their aesthetic designs.
● Specialised steel structures happen to be very strong. They can withstand almost any
kind of force or blows. Studies have shown that it has by far the highest strength when
compared to other conventional building structures. This durability ensures that you will
not have to spend money on maintenance too frequently. A specialised steel structure
can last for more than 30 years!
● Specialised steel structures have high corrosion resistance. Corrosion is the worst
possible enemy to building Structures. But due to the miscellaneous steel used, it is
not resistant to corrosion.
● If you want, the building can be expanded later on. It is very easy to make an expansion,
unlike other conventional building structure which would require you to break down the
whole thing and then create something entirely new. If you are interested to get a

specialised steel structure to google structural steel fabricators near me. Google will
show you the list of all structural steel contractors near you.
Steel structure companies tend to offer various types of structural steel works. In the next
section, we talk about various types of steel structures. Keep reading to find out.
Types of steel structures
Compression members
This a steel structure that has been placed axially in compression. These kind of steel structures
are also often called posts, columns or stanchions. You might know struts, these are
compression members that are used on roof trusses. These are mainly used to provide support.
Shell structures
Shell structures often look like a shell hence the name. They have a curved shape and are
mainly used in lightweight construction. These are arranged together to create one large
structure. Because of their shape like a shell, they are also called the shell structures. They are
widely used in roofing.
Truss like structures
These are triangulated systems, which include a lot of straight structural steel elements that are
connected to each other. You have probably seen them in buildings like airports, stadiums and
auditoriums. They are used in such wide buildings. Because of their durability and strength, they
are also often used as a transfer structure that is used to carry the load from one place to
Tensions members
The tension member is also known as a tie member. Wire, rods, bars, cables, plates etc are all
considered to be tension members. These are used based on the type of building structure and
what kind of connection it requires to complete the building structure.
Suspension members
Suspension members tend to be lightweight and mist used in large-span buildings. They help
support the load. Suspense members include wires, chains and grids.
Built-up members and structures

These are highly valued for their economic nature. They are made from 2 u sections that are
rolled and 4 angles. The distance between these elements can be covered easily by battening.
These members are used in compression members and supporting members.
The future of pre-engineered steel structures
Pre-engineered steel structures are not going away anywhere any time soon. They are here to
stay. Reports show that Majority of the commercial buildings will be specialised steel structural
buildings in the near future.
Furthermore, with advancement technology, the engineers may come up with more designs and
types. Computers will be used to come up with manufacturing phases and design phases. Pinax steel a steel building manufacturers is one of the company of future for sure.

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