Steel to build the ideal workshop

When we hear steel and workshop the first thing that comes to mind is machinery. However, steel today is being widely used beyond machines or even beyond the generic industrial shed or warehouse for production units. Today’s workshops can be mobilized as spaces for personal as well as community spaces. According to established steel building manufacturers, workshops can be fabricated for an array of advantages.

 Some common applications

Let us highlight some of the most prominent areas where steel is being used as building material

  • Prefabricated Garage Area

                                Prefabricated Garage Area

  • Warehouse for storage of mechanical equipment and tools
  • Storage of fixtures for furniture dealers 


  • Basement for storehouse/garage purposes 
  • Storing space for garden equipment like lawnmowers
  • Large scale farmers storing heavy machinery/tools

                            Agricultural Warehouse

  • Heavy studio/lab equipment storage space 
  • Industrial purposes like sheds and warehouses

Flexible to your needs

In a workshop, steel surfaces and structures are used to cater to a variety of needs and bring in greater efficiency of operations and management

  • Customization: If your workshop space is built of steel then you have an array of customization options available. Versatility is a property not all raw materials own but with steel you can feel free to tailor your space in accordance with your requirements. 
  • Frames and partitions: Steel can be used to create flexible divisions for storing equipment and relieve congestion. These separated spaces allow more organized areas for optimized space utilization.

                             A steel workshop with partitions

  • Gratings and handrails:  These are commonly used to create and access weight bearing surfaces that allow water to pass through. 

Reasons for preference

You can not only get creative when building with steel but it is steadily becoming the material of choice when it comes to the construction of modern factories and warehouses. Today the construction industry contributes to more than 50% of the world steel demand. Rightly so considering the many advantages it promises. 

  • Endurance: Due to its proportionate strength-to-weight ratio steel has one of the highest durability among metals. Greater endurance means higher resistance to any climatic or environmental issues that can degrade the erected building. 
  • Ease in assembly:  Steel’s chemical properties allow smooth and quick assembly of all the components. So no matter when you want to construct your workshop, parts are easy to assemble and put up on-site with minimum labour. It can also easily be segregated into parts, in case the constructed workshop demands changes or any renovations later.
  • Versatility: The composition of steel makes it the most versatile of metals. Its properties can be modified to meet different process requirements and working conditions. 
  • Economy: Cost-effectiveness is a well-known reason why so many people choose steel. It is not only one of the most budget-friendly construction materials available but also has high salvage value.
  • Low maintenance: The high lifespan of steel means minimum maintenance of the structure. Using quality steel also reduces risk of damage further decreasing costs. 


Things to remember

When building with steel there are a few things that need to be borne in mind for comfort, safety and durability 

  • Ventilation: It is important to ensure that there is a sufficient flow of air. If proper ventilation is not maintained then it can cause excessive temperature issues, especially when exposed to hot environments.
  • Cleanliness: While steel surfaces require minimal maintenance in smaller steel construction spaces, smaller workshop spaces can accumulate dust, grit and moisture quickly. Regular cleaning prolongs the life. 
  • Insulation: Unlike concrete, steel is a good conductor of electricity. Ensure adequate insulation of all wiring to prevent accidents. Cable trays are recommended. 


Pinax is an established pre-engineered steel supplier. Through our consistent services and quality steel we ensure that no matter what you opt to build, the structure will meet all requirements. For specialized PEB structures, steel components and services, get in touch.