What Makes ERW Pipes Different From Seamless Pipes

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is regarding the basic differences and benefits between ERW & Seamless Steel Pipes. So what makes these two pipes superior from one another and why should one have a clear understanding before making a choice? These are undoubtedly an important set of considerations. Basically stainless steel products are used in numerous industries in various applications since they have some excellent features like being rust proof plus extreme flexibility regarding the customization . Today we will discuss the main differences between Seamless pipes and ERW pipes and how one is advantageous over its other counterpart.


Raw material

The very basic difference between Seamless Pipes and ERW pipes is that the former is made out of round steel billets whereas ERW pipes are made out of hot rolled coils. Even if both the end products are completely of different raw materials, both these pipes depend on similar end factors. Both the pipes are manufactured into 2 different steel grades and the most common is Stainless steel 304 Pipes.


Size difference

Seamless pipes are completed in their assembly lines itself and fabrication is done up to 26 inches of OD (outer diameter) whereas when dealing with ERW techniques it goes only upto 24 inches of OD (outer diameter).


Finished product

A significant difference which exists between the two is that the ERW Pipes are controlled through superior quality techniques whereas when it comes to Seamless pipes they are manufactured by extruding the metal to the desired length Moreover seamless pipe does not have any joint in its cross-section through-out its length making them vulnerable. This prominently gives ERW pipes a complete edge over its competitor.



Seamless pipes, ideally caters to high pressure applications whereas ERW pipes are used in applications which require low and medium pressure areas. When it comes to Seamless Pipes, It is popularly used in Oil, Gas, Refinery and Chemical Industries. Moreover personnel and plant safety is to be ensured through 0 leakage policies. ERW pipes are also passed through strict quality control and are generally used in routine ones like the water transportation and scaffolding along with fencing


Welding process

The welding process enhances the durability with an extra layer of armoured shield. This protects it from moisture and makes it free of dust and rust. These are the two most common reasons behind the degradation of steel products.



Recognizing the difference between Seamless or ERW Stainless Steel pipes

Identifying the basic differences between ERW and Seamless pipes is no rocket science. The best and easiest way to identify the difference is to read the stencil on the side walls of the pipes as all the required information is available.


Guidelines for identifying:

If it is ASTM A53, Type S means seamless. Type F is furnace but welded, Type E is Electrical resist welded. The difference in between the two is very much important and choosing the correct pipe based on your requirement is critically an important aspect to pay proper attention. As choosing the inequipped material for the purpose will not only create anxiety but also take a toll on one’s pocket. We at Pinax Steel offer a whole range of ERW and SeamlessPipes which are made out of the best quality steel using modern machinery and avant-garde technology. The products from Pinax are manufactured in various dimensions based on their requirements with ISO and OHSAS certifications which guarantees the strength, quality and longevity of the products. Contact Pinax if you have any queries based on taking the correct decision in selecting the right material.