Why Choose PEBs Over The Conventional Industrial Sheds

When it comes to the construction of buildings, one has a variety of options to choose from based on the approved plan. Which methods to consider for the construction and which available method will be best suitable. Other considerations include taking important decisions such as whether hiring a contractor will yield the best result or not, the location of construction, the amount of time required for it and most importantly the budget set for the construction.

Take a look at why you should invest in a PEB industrial shed right now, regardless of the size of your business.


1. Structure Design

In PEBs, the design setup is quick, due to its modular structure and systematic sections. The design is computer generated and therefore the measurements are accurate, leaving minimal chance of human error. This results in saving money and time. On the other hand, traditional metal buildings are designed and built from the ground up, which requires significantly longer time with lesser accuracy and design tools.


2. Fast Pace

Prefabricated Industrial sheds can be delivered way faster than the traditional ones. PEB sheds can be delivered at a blistering pace of 6 to 8 weeks whereas the delivery of the conventional ones take over 26 weeks including planning, designing, and construction.With the high pace of the modern world such project demands faster delivery and PEBs are giving just what is required.


3. Foundation

Compared to their traditional counterparts, PEBs are much lighter and therefore require a lighter foundation. In a conventional construction, it is often difficult to gauge the exact weight of the building. Therefore foundation capacities are taken in excess to allow more support if required. Whereas in this situation the problem does not exist which certainly eliminates all the hassles involved with products which are heavy.


4. Cost Projection

Another advantage in PEBs over the traditional ones is by achieving higher accuracy in estimating the cost, time and durability. The usage of overheads are less due to its minimal involvement with heavy equipment handling. After conducting several researches, Statistics show that the cost of pre engineered buildings are up to 25-30 % less than the amount of cost involved in using conventional buildings.


5. Architecture

PEBs designers make use of computer programs to create the details and the interfaces, which offers greater control over providing better architecture at lesser costs. Conventional buildings on the other hand require doing more research and groundwork, thus adding to the cost and time spent as well.


6. Ease of Future Expansion

PEBs enable easy expansion because of its connecting design structure. Whereas, expansion using the conventional structure is often way more complicated than its modern and smarter sibling. Such connective designs allow us to cut on high labour costs with zero complications which saves a lot of unnecessary time and fastening the delivery process.


7. Performance

The components in a pre engineered building are tested for efficiency. It can work simultaneously with other components thus increasing the overall performance. In conventional buildings, components are all designed and manufactured on a separate basis one at a time. The perfect synchronizations with the other important materials have made the procedure faster, easier and undoubtedly way better than its older versions and offer superior and durable performance.


It is thus evident that Pre Engineered Buildings have numerous advantages over their conventional counterparts. It is therefore becoming a widely accepted technology and majorly practiced in the construction industry. Pinax has been manufacturing premium quality PEBs which caters to all the above mentioned points. The diverse application of these superstructures allow them to be used as industrial sheds, aircraft hangars, commercial offices, residential places, hutments, lavatories and so much more. To get a free quote, reach out to us at www.pinaxsteel.com.