Why PEBs Are The Ideal Construction Choice

If you’re planning on starting a new business you might want to check out pre-engineered buildings. With PEBs you can own a building that is constructed 100% as per your requirement along with customizable features and advanced design patterns that seamlessly fits your company’s needs. For instance, warehouses are constructed for storage purposes while garages for parking space, both the construction type can have specific features like temperature control, clear height and clear span.

You must have read or heard about prefabricated structures but due to the lack of accurate information or deeper understanding of the concept, you might be in doubt whether or not it is the correct choice for your new venture. 

With this blog, we bring major advantages of pre-engineered structures that make them one of the most preferred construction choices among the top business owners in the world today. 


1. Great Design Customisation 

While sketches may suffice for your home, a quick-to-assemble and maintenance-free customized building is essential for starting a business. Designed to your specifications, Pinax’s pre-engineered buildings offer customized designs. With the right mix of essential building components and accessories, the design we offer will simply increase the efficiency of your building and improve its functionality.


2. All-Purpose Structures

Knowing the extent of customisation options available, there can be no doubt that pre-engineered buildings are flexible. We have manufactured and supplied pre-engineered buildings of different kinds such as 


Factory buildings

Prefabricated educational institute

Prefabricated airport terminal buildings

Agricultural buildings and storage barns


3. Robust and Durable 

PEB investments typically have a higher return on investment over the long term. The strength and durability of the raw materials are therefore extremely important. If you settle for any cheaper alternative, you are likely to compromise the strength and durability of the raw materials, resulting in shorter shelf life. 

A Pre-engineered building that costs more has a more rigid framing system and is more capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, has a higher load bearing capacity, etc thereby differentiating itself from the rest. In most cases, when a building is described as strong and durable, it is referring to its ability to withstand storm damage.

Our PEBs have stood the test of time, which has earned us the reputation we today have in the PEB industry.


4. Value for Money

Customers always search for the best bargain whether purchasing a car or a home. While rigid structural pre-designed buildings are not the most affordable alternative, they do deliver on the value they offer. Pre-engineered structures sometimes have higher initial expenditure than light gauge buildings or any other building type.

While property insurance is one option, however, it carries certain terms and conditions whereas investing in a pre-engineered building seems to be a wiser option keeping in mind its strength and durability which gives better ROI and lasts for decades. 


5. Ease of Construction

The components of pre-engineered buildings are bolted together during installation and no welding is required. During the manufacturing process in the factory, openings are pre-punched in the primary framing, which makes installation very easy.

Having said that, Pinax has completed more than 50 PEB projects in India and abroad in the past two and a half years. Some of the clients of the company include NTPC, PDIL, BHEL (for Tiruchirappalli, Ranipet, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag), TSGENCO, IOCL, HPCL, Tata Steel, IFFCO, SAIL, etc. To get your next pre-engineered building designed or to get a free quote, contact Pinax, the leading PEB manufacturer in India.