Strengthening The Environment – Sustainable Pre-Engineered Buildings

The steel industry has had a global impact on adding on to the harmful effects on the environment. Constant CO2 emissions in the production of steel and production of the greenhouse gases have been seen to be increasing and being an added burden to the risk of global warming. Eco-friendly pre-engineered buildings in India are being considered as an ecologically sound alteration over other forms of constructions. PEBs are making their way as a choice for sustainable construction.

Why are PEBs becoming predominant over concrete and mortar?

Specializing in PEBs Pinax has decided to take one step forward as it attempts to make the environment a more ecologically friendly space. From the production of raw materials, we shifted our focus to the production of eco-friendly pre-engineered buildings, production of the same raw materials but keeping the environment in mind. The traditional concrete buildings are slowly becoming lesser in preference over pre-engineered buildings. There are many eco-friendly pre-engineered buildings in India that are gaining dominance over the traditional concrete structures. From time to time pre-engineered buildings are seen to have greater benefits over the latter. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly pre-engineered building materials that is preferred by various builders across the world. In addition to being more versatile in nature, the foundation load during construction is much lesser than the reinforced cement concrete (RCC) buildings. Eco-friendly pre-engineered buildings cost much less than the other varieties. Furthermore, this makes it a more feasible investment in the construction business.

Pre Engineering Building

Pic 1- Pre Engineering Building Manufacturing

Pinax Group focuses on revolutionizing keeping in mind that evolving with time is important. Pinax has adapted to eco-friendly pre-engineered buildings that are more ideal and sustainable considering the global environmental issues. Altering to eco-friendly pre-engineered materials has been a positive step from our side as it has added value to sustainable construction while being customizable and reusable in nature.
Advantages of using 100% recyclable pre-engineered steel:

  • Due to the material being steel, the construction process also speeds up. The greater the construction speed, the lesser the chances of regular waste being produced. This reduces the chances of contamination and the chemical production becoming lesser on a regular basis.
  •  Pre-engineered steel buildings are also known to reduce the excess landfill space that would have otherwise occurred with construction using regular cement and mortar.
  • The very pre-engineered and less perishable nature of steel makes it an ideal choice especially when we work with the thought of global warming and creating a sustainable production. The insulation capacity that the structural frame of steel has, makes it sturdier and more enduring in nature. 
  • PEBs also have a greater life-cycle than conventional concrete buildings. This makes it an absolute preference over the other types of construction. Greater longevity means lesser chances of reconstruction or renovations thus, reducing environmental waste and pollutants that would have been produced otherwise.  
  • While natural materials also attract certain microorganisms that can tamper with the material, PEBs due to them being made up of steel, remain untethered and usually do not face such problems. While assuring that recyclable materials are being utilized.

Pre Engineering Building

Pic 2 – Pre Engineering Building Making

Steel having a recyclable trait makes it reusable thus reducing the excess production and also minimizing the production costs. Thus making it an eco-friendly pre-engineered building cost effective in nature.

Due to the stated reasons, upcoming construction plants are seen to have shifted to steel production over concrete or wooden materials for construction. According to the U.S. Green Buildings Council, the underlying traits of steel-buildings as strong, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient structures mean that they meet major greenhouse certifications. Many steel companies around the world have become successful with steel being mobilized as a construction material, many projects are also considering the installation of solar panels and using solar power as it makes it environmentally more ideal. You can check our earlier blogs for reference.

PEB Manufacturing

Pic 3 –  Pre Engineering Building Production

Pinax assures the contractor that all their needs shall be met with minimum harm to nature as it sticks to the eco-friendly pre-engineered building materials. As a company specializing in pre-engineered buildings Pinax aims to implement conservation measures within its ability while producing top-notch quality within its structural frame, keeping in mind the minimum and eco-friendly pre-engineered building costs.

Eco Friendly PEB

Pic 4 – Sustainable Pre Engineering Building

While being successful in meeting the clientele requirements, being aware of the green benefits is important. Pinax has successfully bagged projects where all the materials that are acquired and used, are made of 100% eco-friendly materials. This decision has proven to be one of the best, not just for Pinax Group but also for the environment from our end. Nature has provided us with a place to reside in. The environment has provided us with a safe and sound space and thus, it is also our responsibility to ensure that we take good care of it. Being recyclable, eco-friendly pre-engineered building costs are also more consumer-friendly in nature. are the way to go when everyone is required to do their bit and provide a helping hand to create an environmentally sufficient space yet residing with satisfaction.